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If you are interested what immigrants are doing to keep up their culture - just visit one of the ethic clubs. You will find Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Croatian, German clubs just to name a few.
Most events are linked to food, dances and having clean fun.
My wife, Elizabeth, is a born Canadian, but when we lived for about one year in Germany or when we visited it, she learned so much about this country that she joined a German choir. She also worked as a nurse for a nursing home with many seniors of German origin.
After my retirement I started to import goods from Europe and to export some Canadian articles back.
Before Internet became popular, we went to many shows to sell our articles there. Elizabeth is not only a good nurse, she is also an excellent sales person and she always enjoyed it to meet the same people during those events.
To visit any of these special sales which are normally advertised can be lots of fun for any visitor.

Unfortunately teenagers are not any longer interested in old customs.
This applies particular for the German clubs. Many of them have been closed already.
I believe that this was a fault of the club members and the leadership. They obviously did not too much what was of interest to the young people.
The young people also want to have fun and prefer to listen to some more modern music which also became popular in the "old country".
Europe started to grow together and people love to celebrate something at any occasions and it is always fun. In Ontario I loved what the Greek did to show their culture!
Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
Hardly to find - a young girl in a traditional German carnival costume

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
Christmas songs performed during a show in Oshawa

An important part of the cultural live in Ontario can be found when visiting events prepared by the native people.

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
Pow Wow in Fort Erie
Whenever you have a chance to go to a Pow Wow, please do so. Please familiarize yourself before you go what not to do. There a few easy to follow rules.
The natives do also have an own TV channel, called APTN (Aboriginal People Television Network). We love to watch that because it shows nice movies and many films about the nature of Canada.
I plan to prepare some web sites about our native people.

This will include a visit to a Pow Wow or Powwow or even Pau Wau.
Originally Pow Wows were performed in spring to celebrate the end of winter, to renew old friendships and to perform certain ceremonies.
After many of the natives became Christians certain things have changes, but there is still lots of dancing and drumming. Pow Wows are now also celebrated all year long not only at spring time.
We also visited a few times a so called &quuot;drum night" in Fort Erie. Visit our brief web site to see what you can expect.

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
Pow Wow in Fort Erie

Don't miss to watch one of the numerous parades. We live in Welland and the annual Rose Parade normally passes our house.
In 2008 it was a big spectacle because our city celebrated its 150 th anniversary which means a lot in this new country. Many visitors came from all over our region.
To get an impression visit our web site which includes also a video clip.

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
The "Rose Parade" in Welland

Various ethnic groups add always flavor to this parade. You can see Chinese, Italians and other Europeans, South Americans as well as groups from the Caribbean.
Everybody was smiling and waving to the crowd.

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
The "Rose Parade" in Welland

I was really surprised how many queens we had in Welland. They all came in limousines and all were very pretty.
Just visit our web site to see more!

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
The "Rose Parade" in Welland

Biking is very popular in Ontario. Most of the bikers are elderly and very nice people who do not want to be associated with the "Hells Angels".
They just enjoy to ride a motor bike and sometimes to make excessive noise.
The do also lots of good work, such as collecting money for children or people in need.
Fell free to come with a motor bike. Friends from Germany brought their own bike with them when they visited us.

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
Biker meeting

Unfortunately, certain groups gained so much power that certain politicians gave in to ban Christmas trees and proposed that the Lords Prayer shall be replaced by payers of different religions.
So far I did not see any similar reactions in countries with other religions. We all can live peaceful together.
The BIC church in Welland was luckily not affected by these directives. They started with a very tasteful drive through to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Check our web site to see more pictures

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
"Drive through" at the Welland BIC church

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
"Drive through" at the Welland BIC church

Dragon boat regattas are another kind of events which are worth to visit. Very often the proceeds go to charitable organizations
We had a student from Switzerland as a guest and she joined Elizabeth rowing to collect money for breast cancer research.
The following pictures were taken in Welland on the old canal.

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
Dragon boat race in Welland

Ontario, events, tourism, travel guide
Dragon boat race in Welland

Fenwick Train Show, get inspired for a new hobby

Watch the video: Die Belagerung von Fort Erie. The siege of Fort Erie.
Many thanks to all the participants and the organizers.

Watch the video: "A Pow Wow in Fort Erie"

Ball's Falls, conservation area, close to Jordan, Ontario, Canada

Wo kommt der Ahornsirup her? A tour through the Sugar Bush

Once upon a time Fort Erie was host to many exciting events such as "Edinburgh 1745", the battle of the Jakobites against the English.

Battle of Cook's Mills, re-enactment 2014 in Welland

Watch the video: Ontario Marshville Heritage Festival

Watch the video: An Italian party in Welland, Ontario, with Pat Pagano and his music at Café Amalia

Anglican Church, St. James & St. Brendan, Port Colborne, pig roasts 2013 and 2014

Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Burlington, Ontario, Kanada, Canada

Some impressions from Lake Erie, tourism

Watch the video: A few impressions of the annual Mariners Celebration in Port Colborne, Ontario

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