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Visit and explore the tourist region "Near North" of Ontario
Canada, Tourism, Travel Guide

Map of the region "Near North"

The tourist region "Near North" contains a major part of the famous "Algonquin Park".
This region is certainly one which meets the expectations of many visitors when they think about Canada. It is perfect for activities in unspoiled nature, such as fishing, canoeing, Kayaking, swimming, biking, hiking and much more.

Northern Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Clear lakes - and not cold in summer

Northern Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Water and forests are always around you

You will find signs for accommodations everywhere. However, we still recommend not to come at the high season with out a reservation. The best places are certainly all booked out.
We always look for a place where we can stay several days and which allows us to explore surrounding attractions and do sightseeing. To be as close as possible to the nature we prefer to rent a cottage.
In addition you have much more space than in a hotel room, you must not follow a dress code and it is also cost saving because you can prepare little meals by yourself. Barbecuing is in addition fun and I do not consider it as work. Children will also love the outdoors.

Northern Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
In a "Provincial Park"

The roads are all in good condition and driving is not stressful. However, there is a lack on rest areas with the required facilities.

Northern Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
On a highway

Northern Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Great sunsets

Northern Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Rent a boat and explore the nature - can you see the blue heron in the background?

The "Near North" is also a great place for vacationers in winter. Cross country skiing, snowmobiling or even dog sledding.
We tried the first time in our life ice fishing. This was on Lake Nipissing at the cottage which we had rented. We had a very relaxing day and we want to do it again. Please visit our web site and see what we experienced.
I also made my first experience with snowmobiling. That was not here but in Newfoundland. However, it will always be fun when there is enough snow.
Resorts are certainly also very attractive to spend your holidays. Just check the offers.

Northern Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Water is always an attraction

Chipmunks are always hungry and an attraction not only for children. Carry always a bag of natural peanuts with you and after these little creatures know about that they will never leave you alone.
We had lots of fun with them in a cottage resort.

Northern Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
Feed the Chipmunks and play with them

Ontario, Werben Sie bei uns, Advertise in our Internet travel guides

Ontario, Werben Sie bei uns, advertise in our Internet travel guides

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Impressions of vacations in a cottage resort, tourism, travel guide

Parks in Ontario for nature lovers, tourism, travel guide

Watch the video: "Chipmunks are a good company up North in Ontario"

Impressions of the northern part of Ontario

Crafts and art work of the native people from North America

Visit Discovery Harbour in Penetanguishene at the Georgian Bay in Ontario

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