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A tour along the northern shore of Lake Erie
Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

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From Port Colborne to Rock Point Provincial Park

Many thanks to MapArt for allowing us to use their maps

Please enlarge this map to find all the side roads

As already said for Port Colborne we have prepared a page as part of our tourist guide. We have met so many nice people in this town and whoever we took there from Europe loved it.
Please find your way to the lake and follow the road along the coast.
Unfortunately, you will not see too much of Lake Erie at the beginning because of all the houses which have been built there.
See how wealthy Canadians live.
Pull into side roads, even when you see signs "No Exit". This is part of a sightseeing tour. Occasionally you find a small spot with public access to lake Erie.

Lake Erie tour, Ontario, tourism, travel guide>
Little mermaids on Lake Erie

This friendly group started waving to me after I hat taken some pictures. They were all young ladies!
Drive slowly - otherwise you can easily miss something. A speed limit applies anyhow.

Lake Erie tour, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Between Port Colborne and Burnaby I met these ladies

Not only Dunnville, but also in Burnaby you can add a real unforgettable adventure to your visit of Ontario - Sky Diving! Have you ever tried it? Even our pastor did it. You do not jump alone when you are a beginner. You jump as a tandem with an experienced sky diver on an extra large parachute. Even a grandma - over 80 years old - did it.
For an extra fee you will be filmed during your jump.

Lake Erie tour, Burnaby, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Sky diving in Burnaby

A sky diver before touch down

I mentioned several times that occasionally swimming is banned in Lake Erie because of e-coli bacteria. Many blame the farmers for that. I grew up in Bavaria where we have many clean lakes surrounded by farm, and such problems were never reported. However a state-of-the-art sewage treatment was in place.
Just see all the signs were the owners of the villas protest against such systems.
I believe sometimes a government should govern - it is paid to do that.

Lake Erie tour, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
House on the lake - not a protester

Lake Erie tour, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A well known seafood restaurant

Lake Erie tour, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Between Long Beach and Lowbanks

I always drove very slowly to watch the scenery. Everybody who lived close to the road loved that. They greeted me and young women very smiling at me. Now, after I am old and married they do that, why not when I was young?
If you come with trailer, a motor home or a tent you can stay at the "Long Beach Conservation Area". Cottages are not offered.

Lake Erie tour, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
An old cemetery

There are almost no restaurant with a panoramic view to the lake, also no hotels
I always stop at this place for an ice cold drink or an ice cream bar.

Lake Erie tour, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Boat rental and snack bar

Lake Erie tour, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Panoramic view

Lake Erie tour, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "Mohawk Marina" - a nice place for a short break

Lake Erie tour, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
View at the lake in Lowbanks

A purely green lawn is a status symbol for many Canadians. Daisies, dandelion and other "weed" are eliminated with full chemical power. Now, finally the use of the used pesticides became restricted.
I still so not know whether the land close to the lake is public or not. I would recommend to ask, if you want to sit there or go swimming.

Lake Erie tour, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Certainly a nice place for retirement

Proceed to the "Rock Point Provincial Park". We love this place for swimming or just relaxing.
Despite the name you will find also a beautiful sandy beach there.
Just purchase a day pass and enjoy nature.

Lake Erie tour, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
New - wind power is coming to Ontario

Finally wind power parks are being built along the North shores of Lake Erie. When I was a child I was loving about the adventures and imaginations of Don Quixote. I thought it was hilarious when he attacked wind mills.
The modern variant of these famous hero is not any longer funny. Naturally everything has benefits and draw backs. But fighting against this proven environmental friendly technology which could create well paid jobs in our area is short sighted and selfish.
If I would have magical power I would send all those who fight against it back into the stone age or to Alberta very close where the oil sands are explored.

Rock Point Park, Lake Erie tour, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The beach at Rock Point Park

Rock Point Park, Lake Erie tour, Ontario, tourism, travel guide
After enjoying Lake Erie at Rock Point Park

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Some impressions from Lake Erie, tourism

Fort Erie, Ontario, Impressionen, impressions

Watch the video: Die Belagerung von Fort Erie. The siege of Fort Erie.
Many thanks to all the participants and the organizers.

Once upon a time Fort Erie was host to many exciting events such as "Edinburgh 1745", the battle of the Jakobites against the English.

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Point Pelee National Park in Southern Ontario

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Port Dover, Ontario, Canada, Impressions of various visits, tourism

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