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Important to know A day on the ice Regulations more winter sport

Ice fishing and more winter sport in Ontario
Canada, Tourism, Travel Guide

We only had limited time for our mini vacations in the Lake Nipissing area. Ice fishing was one of the highlights. Staying in a cozy cottage surrounded by unspoiled nature was another one.
No wonder that we made little trips to explore the surroundings.

Ice fishing, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

We started early in the morning to do so.
During the night some more snow had fallen but the roads were clear and we did not have any problems.
Despite her injured knee my wife Elizabeth is much more interested in physical sport activities than me. My interest in cross country skiing, downhill skiing or snow shoeing is very limited. I believe that comes from the age difference - she is much younger.
If I would decide to become active in these kinds of activities I would participate in one of the related courses which are offered in near by North Bay and would also rent the equipment to gain my first experiences.
After having tested snowmobiling in Newfoundland we both agree that this a sport which we both like. You enjoy the nature and clean air without getting exhausted and it was fun.
I was told that the length of the groomed snowmobile routes exceeds that of the roads in this area.
Ice fishing, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Ice fishing, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Ice fishing, Ontario, tourism, travel guide

Sunshine and a clear sky enhance certainly all outdoor activities.
As beginners we would like to go snowmobiling with a group of others. Then you have help in case you need it. You should also carry a cell phone on you that you can call to be rescued in case of an emergency.
For our limited use it does not make sense to purchase two snowmobiles. Maintenance, storage, transportation would be too much hassle, For that reason we asked for renting them and we were told that this possible including all the required equipment such as suits, helmets etc. Probably you must participate in a guided tour which would be great for us as beginners. The only disadvantage I can see are the exhaust gases which you may have to breathe in. In Newfoundland we kept a larger distance to our guide and we did not smell any. Little by little the two stroke engines may be replaced by four stroke engines which do not burn as much oil. Also the noise has been reduced dramatically.
We believe that a group tour is also more fun when you are with the right people. In case of an accident it is also much saver. Just to get such a thing out of the ditch may exceed your physical strength.
Some of the snowmobiles are very powerful and can easily reach a speed of over 100 km/hour. Please familiarize you first and do not take any high risks. That could blow all your vacations!

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