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Dining like Luther - a medieval feast, called "Lutherschmaus"

Contact Information:

Eisenacher Hof, Katharinenstraße 11 - 13, 99817 Eisenach, Germany
Tel. 011 49 3691 73 40 0, Fax: 011 49 3691 29 39 26


In North Amerika this feast could also be called a dinner theatre.
It is called the "Lutherschmaus" medieval music, waiters and waitresses costumes, and all the surroundings bring you back into time of Martin Luther. To participate in this unforgettable event you need to register in advance. We believe as larger the group which takes part at the "Lutherschmaus" as more fun it can be.
Martin Luther loved also worldly things and his language was sometimes vulgar according to todays standards. But please do not forget that he lived in medieval times and probably people from that period would not agree to all of our customs and our behavior.
It is reported that he asked his guests after a heavy meal "Why do you not burp and fart? Did you not like it?"