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The "Baumkronenpfad" (treetop path) in the National Park Hainich, Thuringia

Contact Information:

Nationalpark Hainich; Bei der Marktkirche 9; 99947 Bad Langensalza; Germany
Tel.011 49 3603/390728; Fax 011 49 3603/390720


Intentionally no human activities such as spraying against insects, taking out dead wood etc. are allowed in this National Park. The reason for that is to create a really natural environment with living conditions for many endangered species.
The treetop path has a length of approximately 300 m (980 feet) and is easy to walk. It is about 25 m (82 feet above ground.
The path is not carried by the trees. It is a solid construction using steel masts. Special attention has been spend to prevent any damage if the trees are moving during strong wind or a storm.
Please don't rush or you will miss things. Check for birds, butterflies and other creatures. Especially woodpeckers prefer the tree tops of old trees because they find all kind of delicatessen here. Elizabeth was especially fascinated by the different views on the forest.