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Gänsebrust mit Beifußsoße, Thüringer Klößen und Rotkohl (Breast of goose with mugwort sauce, Thuringian potato dumplings and red cabbage)


Delicious, tender goose with a special sauce (speciality of the restaurant "Grüne Aue") and naturally again Thuringian potato dumplings and red cabbage. One of my favorites!

Thüringer Bratwurst mit Salatbeilage (Thuringian Bratwurst with a small salad)


Tasty pork sausage (pan fried or from charcoal grill) with a small mixed salad. potato salad and greens. good as a snack or a light meal.

Nudelsuppe (Noodle soup)


This soup uses beef broth, but chicken broth is also common. The shown dish can replace a full meal.

Tagessuppe (Soup of the day)


Please ask for more details. his tasty soup was my wife's favorite.

Italienische Zwiebelsuppe (Italian onion soup)


If you had an overdose of Thuringian food visit an ethnic restaurant. This is the Italian version of an onion soup. It was delicious and replaces a meal if you are not too hungry.

Wan Tan Suppe (Wan Tan Soup)


Naturally, this is not a German dish. However, we love Chinese food and we discovered an excellent Chinese restaurant. This soup is also available with shrimp.

Gemischter Salat (Mixed salad)


Normally all dishes come with a little bit of salad or some vegetables. Salad is also not served separate before you get your entree. However, you can order salad instead of a full meal or in addition.

Geräucherter Fisch (Smoked fish)


We discovered a place who sells and serves in a little restaurant all kind of smoked fish. The selection varies with the season, but you can select between trout, carp, eel and others. Just carry your dictionary with you.



Gyros is a Greek speciality which became very popular in Germany. You can't compare it with the faked North American variant which uses processed meat and misses all the good flavor. "Real" meat (pork, lamb or beef) is barbecued on a vertical rotating spit and Greek spices are used. The meat is thinly shaved off and served in an open pita bread together with salad and a Greek creamy sauce. Try it and tell the Greeks in your home country to learn how to make real gyros.

Kesselgoulasch (a Hungarian Gulasch)


Normally made with beef, but occasionally also with pork. The meat, onions, potatoes and spices are cooked until the meat is very tender. Sometimes the Gulasch can be hot. Then you need lots of beer with it.

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