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The Welland Feral Cat Support Group need help

A happy cat family wants to help Tony and his group to save feral or homeless cats.
I know - many cats need Tony's help
Read Robert's story

Hi - I am Robert. I am the brother of Bigfoot or Patty how he is also called. Everybody calls me Robert and I am proud of my name.
I am very peaceful, except when our newcomer Margaret, bothers me. Then I get a little bit mad and discipline her.
I love our housekeeper. I sleep with her on the sofa or in bed when she is sick and needs my help.
I also like her husband because he eats food which I love. I always get some samples. Unfortunately, always only a little bit and not any longer my favorite which cheese. It makes me sick and I throw up which none of the two servants loves. For what do they have a carpet in the living room? I even can lay comfortably down on it when I am sick.
I also love to travel. I enjoy the rides in my personal servants car to the doctor. She even puts a seat belt around me which I think is ridiculous. This is a law for humans but not for cats. But I do not argue because I love to have a ride in her car.
Pumpkin always gets sick and makes a big mess and Bigfoot knows when he should go to the doctor and is hiding or running away. How can our male servant claim that he is smart? I do not like the needles and I become really tired and drowsy sometimes, but getting out of the house is important.
That's me - Robert when I was young

Me and Bigfoot
Me after having a drink

I still love to play occasionally.
You see what I did when I was young. Whenever I saw a bag or a suit case I placed my self in it or asked for help to get into it. I hoped always for a trip.
Our visitors are slowly getting used to it, but so far nobody took me out for an adventure.
They are all very slow learners.
Why is nobody teaching them proper behavior?
I love to be in a bag
I don't mind to be dressed up

It shows me that I get the needed attention and it seems to make my servants happy. I love also the radiators in winter. But there should always be a blanket on them. That is much more comfortable, especially now after I got older.

You see we love each other
This was a peaceful time - now with Margaret we have some trouble

I also love to get out to greet all the outdoor cats. They look healthy and some of them are spayed or neutered as I was told. Others are still waiting for that. They all look happy and well fed, but a few disappeared or died over the years.
Nobody really knows what had happened to them and all the humans around me are really sad about that. Most of the colony had all the treatments and chips to identify them, but they are gone without a trace except those who passed away for unknown reasons.
I also love Tony. He really cares for homeless and feral cats and if I could help him I would. He spends lots of time and money to help people who cannot effort required treatments for their cats and he is desperately looking for help.
He wants to have a low cost spay and neuter clinic in our area to solve the existing problems with too many homeless and feral cats. He also tries to educate people that all animals need to be protected from abuse. My servants support him as much as they can, but this is not enough.
Naturally, Tony knows that each business must make money and only a few people can work for free. He is also aware that a low cost spay and neuter clinic would compete against established business.
Some of my outdoor friends

But does a help center, a soup kitchen not also compete against restaurants? Do people who are not in real need go there? Many people, churches, established business, organizations, government all help those humans in need? Who will help Tony? Retired vets, existing clinics on certain days? So far Tony paid out of his own pocket to help many cat lovers who cannot afford to pay the bills. He needs support and thanks those who help him with advertising in his web site. That would be good advertising and should bring cat lovers to their business.
I am always around when Tony comes, because he has most the time some good snacks for all of us. I also watch TV and even sometimes the news on Internet. My male servant has a German friend who spends all the day on the computer to write travel reports about Canada or Germany. He is also composing my web site. He did the same for Tony. We all were shocked what happened at certain "human Societies" in Ontario. Also people who contacted Tony complained.
We all hope such problems will never happen again and that tax payers money is not wasted any longer. My male servant worked for a long time in top management positions and after retirement his own business. He knows about empire building in companies and how to increase productivity. I believe him.

I was always interested in what humans are eating. I tell you some of the meat is delicious, but other things are not up to my standards. Pumpkin tried it also sometimes, Bigfoot not at all, but Maggie is like me. She tries everything. When I like it - she likes it.
Sometimes left over which I will not eat go to the outdoor cats. They seem to eat everything, but there are also some other creatures coming during the night. I have seen some of them when I did not come home. It was scary.
I am always interested what he eats

She is not dumb and she is learning. She already handles our staff very well and they do most the time what she wants. How much more can a cat ask for?
Nothing going on outside - so she is coming

Watch the video which my male friend had published about living in harmony with feral cats