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The Welland Feral Cat Support Group need help

A happy cat family wants to help Tony and his group to save feral or homeless cats.
I know - many cats need Tony's help
Read Maggie's story

According to human standards I consider myself to be a teenager. My first time I shared with other cats of my age with a lovely lady in an older home which was somehow attached to an animal clinic.
I had a really good time there. We got all the attention, we played with each others or with the toys which we found, got food, our litter boxes cleaned, fresh water and sometimes delicious treats. The only bad thing was when I broke my rear leg. A doctor took care of that, but they were also talking about a surgery which would be really expensive and there was nobody to pay for it.
Little by little our group became smaller and I learned that we all were to be adopted by friendly humans. I was shocked that we all could not stay in this nice place, but new kittens were expected to take our place.
I still had problems with my leg and I heard I should be out to sleep. I did not knew what they were talking about. Whenever I was tired I had a nap. Little by little I learned more and became scared.
I became aware that volunteers worked and money had to be collected to give us a good life and that we all should find a home were other good humans would provide an adequate standard of living.
One of the volunteers obviously loved me and brought me to her home. I did not resist to have a personal aide and was looking forward for a even better live.
When we arrived at the new home a male, and 3 cats were waiting for me. I knew immediately that he was my future male servant. He was quiet friendly to me. But the three cats, real old ones, did not greet me well. I tried to cheer them up by trying to play with them, but they responded either by ignoring me or hissing at me. I was not too happy and wanted to go back, but I was aware that would be worse, because I knew now what "Putting to sleep" meant.
I will tell you what happened and how I finally accepted to live in a retirement home for cats.
That's me - Margaret

I found some unused toys and I explored everything what raised my interest. Exploring meant to be finding out, how things taste, can they be used as toy, what is in it, how do they sound when I drop them - there is just no end and my imagination is border less.
Especially at night, when the two servants slept and could not interrupt me, I jumped on everything in my new home and always found interesting objects. I even learned how to open the bags which contained the treats which we got occasionally and which even the old cats loved. Can you tell me why we did not get treats as regular food?
I love to eat and never get enough. The black monster with the name Robert seems to have the same addiction, but he is too old and always throws up.
After a specific night where I had been really active, my male servant called me "Demolition Cat", I already became the German name "Krallentier" because of my sharp claws which I sharpened on every suitable object.

Bigfoot really did not like me. He is an old grumpy cat. He watched at the beginning each of my steps and hissed at me without reason.
I tried my best to cheer him up and to play with me. He did not like it when I played with his tail and placed there my love bites. He was not happy when I jumped on him to get him moving. I tried so many things without any success. Why do older cats not enjoy any longer fun? I will never be like that! I promise.
When he really became angry he jumped with all his weight on me and squashed me. He even bit me, despite his bad teeth. Naturally I defended my self and my servants intervened.
I think in the meantime Bigfoot and Robert and even Pumpkin finally accepted me and I learned that it is no fun to play with these 3 veterans.
Have they ever been young? What do they know of an exciting life? They should learn from me! I am young and progressive, changes are required.
I sharpened my claws on everything.
Bigfoot is watching me.

After so many activities I need also a nap.
I even slept on Pumpkin's side in "her" chair

Sometimes during my adventure tours when I am exploring my house I got locked out in the foyer or another room. Occasionally also in a closet. That is fun for a short time, but I do not want to be separated for too long from my food and fresh water. I also miss my usual places for having a nap.
I try everything to get these old cats in my house moving and having some fun. They move slowly, they do not understand that I am a new generation who wants to change many things. I developed a new sound which drives the two humans crazy. So they serve me even a meal between the scheduled ones. I only have to raise my voice.
If The humans left to buy new food for me and we are alone. I can take of the plastic lids of tins or chew open the bags which contain treats. None of these seniors had shown this kind of initiative.
Please let me in!
Happy again

What do they want?
Having a nap with me on the sofa- that is OK

I was told that I eat too much, so I have to do some exercises
A fly can keep me busy for about 10 minutes. They do not last longer.

I was told that this is gruesome - but we cats are born with this attitude. I will not do this too often, because even I don't like to eat them after they have expired.
I am very often during the night when our staff is having their nap. I believe they would interfere with my activities.

I am watching something
Now you can see why I got also the name "Demolition Cat"!

Sometimes the old cats and I explore something together
Do you also think that I am fat?

From my daily life
From my daily life

Cats cannot lie - I believe all animals are honest. When we are hungry and on our own we have to find food. All animals know that and are careful. I am really sorry to tell you that all other cat family members have pasted away. They became sick and were mercifully put to sleep. Only Bigfoot died alone during a night. I miss them now ans so does my human staff.

Watch the video which my male friend had published in remembrance for Pumpkin

Watch the video which my male friend had published about living in harmony with feral cats