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The Welland Feral Cat Support Group need help

A happy cat family wants to help Tony and his group to save feral or homeless cats.
I know - many cats need Tony's help
Read Bigfoot's story

I am Bigfoot and the male servant always says that I am the smartest cat of the universe. He is very old and I have to believe him, I also like to hear things like that. Sometimes he also calls me "Professor Bigfoot" which sound also very nice, but I never heard about any cat who worked - even not as a professor. Maybe I could be the first one. But today I am in an age where cats retire.
We loved to play when we were young and we always enjoyed eating and sleeping. A few naps a day are mandatory for us. Why should we work? Even some humans have discovered that this way of living is preferable.
My servants did not discover this way of live so far. They both work and I always hear them talking about money which they need for feeding us and obviously also for something else.
There friend Tony is the same. He is retired but still spends all his day to help cats. He feeds homeless cats or rescue so called feral cats who do not trust any longer humans because they mistreated them.
He even founded an organization to find more people who support him in his efforts. But most of the people want that Tony supports them to pay bills for their cats and I believe him that he cannot do all that alone.
But when he comes he still brings treats for us or some of our favorite food or even toys.
When I was young I loved to play or explore things.
Even a plastic bag raised my attention or Pumpkin's tail what made this old girl sometimes mad. When I grew up I chased her occasionally through the house - just for fun.

I do not love loud noise and I am very cautious. Whenever the terrible door bell rings I run in the basement where I have a secret hiding spot. Only when I hear a familiar voice I may come up and see whether the visitor brought some presents for me and eventually also for Pumpkin and Robert. Food which I do not like I share with them. They almost eat everything. I am a gourmet. I also love it when somebody talks to me - but not this kind of baby talk - I am a professor!
Me as a kitten

You see I am a little bit scarred because as baby I did not know what was going on.
I loved to play

I think I am very pretty
I also believe my male servant is right - I am very smart!

Just thinking about Tony
Now my career as a photo model is starting

I love my brother Robert and slowly I get used to Pumpkin. At the beginning she was a real bitch, but now she is much more friendly and tries to look after us like a mother.
She intervenes when Robert and I have a little play fight and makes sure that none of us gets hurt.
Sometimes she even has a nap with us which is wonderful.
A visitor from Germany was excited about all three of us. She spend a whole afternoon with us in the garden to take pictures. As a gift for our servants she created a beautiful calendar with our pictures.
A German friend of my male servant always wants to make a video clip from me when I am yawning. He told me that he will use it at the beginning of all the videos he makes for his tourist guides. So far I did not make a decision whether I will cooperate. I am aware what other movie stars are getting for playing a part, even for films which I do not like. I thinks every cat should prefer a healthy sleep instead of watching these noisy and violent things. Only a view have cats as main actors, but often they are not real ones. They are funny for humans but I am still not sure whether I will approve them. They should rate movies whether they are suitable to be seen by cats.
My famous yawn - I learned this from a lion

Me and Robert
Whenever we have a chance we sneak into the bedroom of our servants. The male does not love that because he complains that our hair gets in his nose and his throat. He also claims about itching.
Why does he not learn from us? We feel itching all the time and use our back paws to scratch us. Unfortunately humans are not so well designed as we cats. How can they survive?
But they are useful to serve us and they can to this pretty good in most cases. In return we jump on their laps, lick their hands, give some love bites and some scratches on their unprotected skin and purr what they love.
I also got what humans call "neutered" what I think can affect the quality of live of a real cat. But to be honest I really do not know. But sometimes I get some strange feelings and I need to be close to my brother Robert. He normally does not like that and screams and the servants tell me not to do that. It is weird and I cannot do anything against it - only thinking about food helps a little bit.
Now that I am older it does not happen so often any more. I gained weight, my belly is hanging down and my walking is not any longer as good as it was.

Today playing should be relaxing
Can you guess what I want?

I am still surprised how fit old Pumpkin still is. She jumps better than me and can eat more than me without gaining weight.
But sometimes she scares me. She is getting medication because she forgets sometimes were our litter boxes are and how to use them. That is disgusting and we all got blamed for that mess until our servants found out who did it.
Robert and I do not do such things. We only throw up on the carpet if we eat to much or the food makes us sick. Very often we love the cheap food much better than the expensive one which was specially purchased for us.
I do not want to talk too much about all the outdoor creatures which our female housekeeper is feeding. I do not have any contact with them and I do not go out any longer. It is too scary. But I love most the time their food much better than the diet stuff which I am supposed to eat. Luckily our male servant shares my feelings - he also does not like diet.

Pumpkin is not any longer bitchy to us
Now we have a nap together and very often I put my arms around her

Here is the proof
I love to hold her and she does not mind!
Sometimes we test new things together

Sometimes we got our water served in the shower
A parcel has arrived. Will it contain a gift for us?

What do you want? I did not do anything wrong. Me as a kitten.
Our afternoon nap

Watch the video which my male friend had published about living in harmony with feral cats