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The Welland Feral Cat Support Group need help

A happy cat colony wants to help Tony and his group to save feral or homeless cats.
We know - many other cats need Tony's help
Read our story

I am Mama Cat, the oldest one of our group. I am considered to be feral cat who found a refuge here. I still do not allow anybody to touch me but I feel save here with all my friends.
Some of them died over the years and others just left us. Maybe they found a home similar what the now four indoor cats did.
I never went into the house. I would not love to give up my freedom.
I gave birth to many kittens. Then something terrible happened and I got caught in a trap and brought to a clinic where I was "spayed". I could not give birth to any more kittens since that and the male cats do not show any longer interest in me what is not too bad. I feel healthier because I also got "shots" against certain diseases. I learned this in the clinic and the humans who feed me told me that too. But I warned everybody in our little colony: "Beware of traps!".
Some of the males did not listen and became "neutered". Others followed my advise and stayed away from the traps despite the food the humans put into it.
The neutered males are not any longer feral cats. They were still kittens when the got this treatment and I see them now sneaking into the house. They listened especially to the female there who allowed them to have some of the food which the indoor cats got. I was told that it was different to what we are getting. But I still stay away.
I am at the top of the picture. With me are Sansi on the right and Bailey my son at the bottom

A part of my family
Bingo and Bailey my two sons

I am Bingo and I had listened to my mom and stayed away from the trap. I would have loved the mouth watering food which our indoor servants put in. But I knew what happened to her and my Brother Bailey. He is neutered now and not any longer the same as before. He became fat, sneaks in the house and grabs food from the indoor creatures which I like.
He even allows the female feeder of us to get picked up and to be groomed. I never got groomed and do I not look pretty? But you can see I am ready to run away - I do not want to be "neutered" and change my personality. I am still a free cat and want to stay like that. What is the advantage to be "neutered" and getting shots against who knows what?
Some members of our family passed away. It was sad to see that, others just disappeared and some new ones showed up to get a free meal. One of these visitors - Jason - stayed with us, got also trapped and "neutered" and seems to be our feeders darling.
During winter his fur was growing so much that he looked double the size he was. When it got warmer he lost bushels of it and he was not ashamed to get groomed by our hostess for over an hour. I did not need such a nonsense. I only want to get my food , my water and treats, That's it.
My name is Bingo

Look how fat Bailey became. I bet I can run faster than him.
That's me Jason before I got groomed.

I am Bingo's brother. I do not want to talk bad about him. But before making such statements he should ask me. When you do not know what you don't know you can not ask to learn and remain ignorant and dumb.
I met Tony in the kitchen when he and our hosts were talking. I laid down, kept quiet and listened. Naturally, I did not understand everything, because he was talking sometime too fast for me and nobody could interrupt him.
Tony comes always through the backdoor, he always makes sure that there is fresh water outside, that our bowls are clean and that we we were fed.
Very often he brings us treats and talks directly to us. I like that.
Tony agreed that Bingo made a mistake when he wanted to live as a feral cat. He never can be adopted and he never will find servant who will take him into their home. If somebody catches him and brings him to an organization called "Human Society" he does not have chip which identifies him and because he is feral cat he will be "put to sleep". Besides security he also is exposed to diseases which can kill him and he misses the fun to sneak in the house and meet the indoor cats and try their food. See how I enjoy life.
That's me Bailey. I am not fat and I am not afraid of Tony. I am not a feral cat like Bingo.

I Bailey love to be in the grass when the sun is shining
My new friend Jason feels the same.

Hi, I am Jason and I am a new member of this great colony. I just came and was accepted very fast. We all stay together. Sometimes strangers come to us, but many of them leave after short visit and a meal or they stay away for days and show up again. Maybe they have a home and they are just exploring the surroundings.
Not only my fur grows in winter time to protect me against the cold, Bailey's doe too.
We have a cozy home with lots of straw which keeps us warm and we are protected against water, snow and even wind.
We always wait patiently for our food. We get plenty of it. I am also "neutered" and got all shots. I know that this is very expensive. But it keeps our population down and gives us more chances for a descent live.
I try to follow the advise of our host not to leave the property. They told us about terrible things which people did to animals - just for fun. Maybe these people should also be spayed and neutered. That will slow them down. We do not need more of them. How will they treat other humans?
The following are some pictures of us.

Watch the video which my male friend had published about living in harmony with feral cats