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Kanada Fahne
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Ontario Fahne

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On Sunday Elizabeth went alone on a tour to take more pictures of all the activities associated with the Canal days in Port Colborne.
She visited the tall ship, the "Niagara" again, but there was such a long line up that she did not board it again to take pictures. You should do this during you visit!

The "Niagara"

The "Niagara"

This U.S. ship is naturally not the original ship which participated in the war of 1812. It is a new built replica.
The "Edward M. Cotter" is claimed to be the oldest working fireboat. it came for a visit from Buffalo.

The fireboat "Edward M. Cotter"

The fireboat "Edward M. Cotter"

The "Griffin".

The "Griffin".

You can spend hours to see all the attractions and little performances.

Different ship cruises were offered. If you come next year check for details and book in advance. Elizabeth too pictures of the "Empire Sandy".

The "Empire Sandy" on a cruise.

One cruise goes through the Welland Canal with all its locks. I have my doubts that it will use the sails for that trip.
But also pleasure trips on Lake Erie are scheduled. This Schooner was built in 1943 and is equipped with cannons which are only fired at special events.

The fireboat "Edward M. Cotter"

Another traction was the vessel "Griffin" from the Canadian Coast Guard.

The "Griffin"

The Canadian Coast Guard is not a military organization it is part of the search and rescue network. However this network is led by the "Department of National Defense".
To perform all the assigned missions helicopters are also used. The have been assembled and equipped for this special purpose in close by Fort Erie.
Elizabeth toured this boat and she was impressed. Just search the web site from the Canadian Coast Guard for more information - or better use the chance to visit such a boat during the next Canal Days.

A "Zodiac" for special missions.

Fine dining on the "Griffin". See the glasses - no plastic cups!

Please consider to visit the next Canal days in Port Colborne. There is so much to see and to do - live music, activities for children, shopping, an antique car show and much more. Book a cruise! Stay for the long weekend in a local place. Check the official web site before you go.
Check our Internet tourist guide for more information about this area. It offers much more than dining and accommodation! Collect some good and lasting memories of our country!

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