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As part of our Internet tourist guide we are adding brief information about interesting events. Because of the interest of the large German speaking population in Europe we stated with a German version. Due to the demand of many not German speaking people I started without any support with an English variant as a thank you to Canada.
Our web sites about events shall not replace an actual visit. No web site can replace your own experience. We want to show you what to expect and report about little encounters either with local people or other visitors.
I am still proud of my European heritage and having met many nice people in Asia. I know their expectations and their knowledge about Canada and our culture. I know it is essential to provide some information about the existing differences and to provide some guide lines to avoid later disappointments. For that reason I mention certain things which are normal to North Americans, but not to people from other cultures. We also provide occasionally advise to Canadian business.
After a severe accident my walking is not the greatest any longer. For that reason my wife, Elizabeth - a true Canadian is helping me by taking additional pictures.

We arrived around 11:00 am and luckily found and empty parking space, reserved for handicapped people. Having the prober permit I was not ashamed to use it.

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario
After a brief walk from where we had parked, we received her two bottles of spring water for free

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario
One of the many attractions for kids

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario
Doesn't that look much better?

I had an excellent Indian dish - extra spicy and was very pleased. I love good food and I am really glad that Elizabeth pointed this place out to me.
The owner was very patient and friendly. We will visit that place again and I may give him some suggestions about German and Austrian dishes which Elizabeth loved when we lived for one year together close to Munich. She prefers food which is not so spicy as the Asian dishes.
After having had a delicious meal, I was feeling strong enough to proceed with Elizabeth to the "Historic West Street" where many vendors and the "Tall Ships" where waiting for us.
Luckily it was not far away and there were many things to see on our way.
We passed the "Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum and Heritage Village" where already many actions took place. Please visit this nice museum, at any time when it is open.

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario
The "Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum and Heritage Village"

I skipped breakfast this morning and became hungry.
Elizabeth had told me about a nice restaurant with International cuisine where she and friends spend a nice evening with women talk and listening to jazz.
Luckily we passed this place which is called "The Smokin' Buddha". It is located in an old railway station and because of the early hour we found a nice table on the patio. I in the shade and Elizabeth in the bright sun.
As a Bavarian I naturally ordered an ice cold beer with my lunch. It came in a tiny little plastic cup. I told the very friendly owner he should be ashamed to do that. Good beer or wine should come in a glass. He immediately exchanged the plastic cup with a nice glass. I know that in Bavaria they tried also to replace the glass "steins" with plastic. This did not go over too well!

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario
This beer bottle is the "Beer Card"

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario
Taking back the "disgusting" plastic cup.

Lunch menu, Smokin' Buddha
The lunch menu of "The Smokin' Buddha".

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario
The indoor dining room of "The Smokin' Buddha". You must not freeze in winter - it is well insulated!

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario
All kind of vendors filled the side walks.

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario
Many vendors offered the typical Canadian food and made good business

These two enjoyed their lunch peacefully in the shade of a tree. It is always nice to see kids who behave themselves very well without close supervision.

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario
A "Tall Ship"

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario
Solar panels

I was glad to see for the first time somebody showing these panels which produce electricity. There use is wide spread in Europe and I believe it is Switzerland which demands them for all new buildings.
I hope that they will be produced in our country.

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario
Little friends enjoying lunch together

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario
One of the cannons of the ship.

To be honest - after having watched numerous movies wit pirates, I was a little bit disappointed with the size of this ship. I was expecting something at least double as tall.
Elizabeth boarded the boat, but the battery of her camera lost all its power.

Canal Days in Port Colborne, Ontario

Port Colborne is always worth to visit. I believe that this city has created a business friendly environment compared to others. Nice little restaurants, boutiques and lots of sightseeing. Check for events.

Preserve memories of loved ones - for Lizzie and her mom with love

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