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Byng Island Conservation Area at the banks of the Grand River, Ontario, Canada - tourism, travel guide

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If you want to stay there for a longer period, either in a tent or in a motor home, you should reserve a site in time.
The conservation area offers five camping zones. I believe the most attractive one is on the island which gave the conservation area the name.
Many visitors have obviously rented a space permanently. They seem to spend every free hour here surrounded by nature.
There is still a real forest which you find only at a few places in southern Ontario.
The location of the park, close to the mouth of the Grand River and attracts many fishermen, boaters and nature lovers.
If you do not have a own boat - you can rent one here.
Naturally all sanitary facilities with warm and cold water have been installed. Only in remote areas portable toilets must be used.
A playground for children is certainly a fun place for the little ones.
Dunnville is a small but pretty town where you can do all of your shopping. Check the restaurants!

Bridge to the camp side on the island


Perfect for boaters

Probably gone fishing or boating

No boating activity here. Why?

Nice to have a boat

Boat rental

The "Sulphur Creek", a side arm of the "Grand River"

My problems with walking became worse. For that reason I was driving very slowly through the conservation area to take pictures. They will give you an impression what to expect.
As already indicated, there were hardly any unoccupied sites. Everywhere I could see people in swim wear sitting together, barbecuing, relaxing with a book or doing some minor work. Other spots were occupied but these visitors were obviously active. Either on the water, or taking advantage of another of the many offered activities on Byng Island.
Certainly, the surrounding water is the main attraction. If you use a kayak or a canoe you can watch rare birds and take pictures of them. Bird watching is a very popular hobby in North America. There are many animal lovers here and even fisherman release their catch even when the size of the fish would allow to keep it.

A site at the water

Relaxing on the river!

Perfect for a little bit of hiking and sightseeing!

There is always something to discover!

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