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Travel guide Ontario
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Ball's Falls, Conservation Area, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

Ball's Falls Google Map
Many thanks to Google (Unfortunately, it is not possible to embed this map)

Many thanks to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Whenever you visit the Niagara Region and its attractions in and around Niagara Falls you may be interested also in one of the hidden treasures with unspoiled nature, hiking trails and some history.
All this you can find in near by Ball's Falls Conservation Area.
Please use the Internet to check for special events which are mostly dedicated to our environment and nature.
Well known is the celebration of the Canadian Thanksgiving which is always on the second Monday of October. However the event will take place over the whole long weekend.

I hope that the above map helps you to find the beautiful park. It is a little bit hidden and close to Jordan.
Nature is the main attraction. The map of the park shows you many details including the hiking trails. Don't miss the water falls!

Ball's Falls Besucherzentrum
The new visitor center with enough parking space.

Ball's Falls, Niagara Region
The "Twenty Mile Creek"

When you are here in October you should spend at least a few hours when Thanksgiving is celebrated in Ball's Falls.
Local artist and crafts people show their work and sell it.
Beautifully restored buildings from the former hamlet are filled with live. They are around two hundred years old and you can see interesting demonstrations of the life in the past.

Ball's Falls, Niagara Region
The pedestrian bridge over the "Twenty Mile Creek"

Old craftsmanship is one of the main attractions. The old mill is working and I even could purchase some of the flour.
Fresh pressed apple cider was another main attraction. You had to consume it fast because it was really natural without any preservatives. It was nicely decorated for Thanksgiving.

Ball's Falls, Niagara Region
Freshness guaranteed!

Ball's Falls, Niagara Region, Erntedankfest
Not in operation!

Musicians and other artists entertain people or sell their work

Ball's Falls, Niagara Region

After walking around it is no wonder that you get tired. I set down with a snack and a pop and listened to the performance of these musicians.

Ball's Falls, Niagara Region, Fiddler
no"Rock and Roll" but "Fiddlers"
A new visitors center has been built where you have to park and purchase your day pass.
Also many helpful information are provided there. This is a big improvement.
The map of the park will be handed out there too. Please take it with you when go hiking. Wear proper shoes!

Ball's Falls, Niagara Region, Wasserfall
Depending of the season lots of water or none at all will thunder down

But don't miss to see both falls - the "Upper Falls" and the "Lower Falls".
Both are worth to see - even when there is little water in the "Twenty Mile Creek" what may happen during summer.

All the historical buildings are back to live and open to visitors

Old craftsmanship is demonstrated

Also the interiors of the old buildings has been nicely renovated and decorated. This little chapel is only one of the examples.

Ball's Falls, Niagara Region
The inside of the chapel

Everywhere something was cooking or frizzling

Ball's Falls, Niagara Region

You can purchase antiques and gifts which you hardly can find anywhere else. Come and do some treasure hunting. We did not see any mass produced or imported things.

In the past professionally restored old machinery or old mechanical toys were shown here in operation. Especially elderly people choose this as an interesting hobby and they are glad about the interest on their work.
I am also glad to see that I am not the only one who is still active after retirement.

Ball's Falls, Niagara Region
Small steam engines power these toys

Ball's Falls, conservation area, close to Jordan, Ontario, Canada

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