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our brief tour through the "Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre" in Midland
Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

We arrived in the center shortly after 10 o'clock on a sunny morning. Elizabeth did not want to end our getaway without coming here. She was right - we should have spent all day here. There was the possibility to camp here - but without any comfort. But we had to get home and certainly that would have been a great experience.

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
The entrance to the nature reserve

We needed at least 15 minutes for the few meters from the car park to the entrance. That would cause me problems today.
In an artificially created small pond we observed frogs and looked for turtles. Elizabeth continued to admire a mature garden of wildflowers. She is an enthusiastic gardener, which makes me happy, as she does all the work at home.
So I do not have to pluck weeds or talk to the plants. She does all this alone. All I have to do is set the lawn mower in motion and, if necessary, sharpen the knife. I also take on the barbecue. A good sharing of labor!
Immediately after we bought our tickets we learned that at 7 o'clock a guided tour in a canoe through the marshes had started. These tours always take place in the morning and in the late afternoon.
We were always very satisfied when we participated in guided tours. Without explanations, you may run past many interesting things and afterwards you are wondering why you had actually visited a certain place..
So we asked for a guided tour and to our delight, it was included in the entrance fee. It should start at 11 o'clock.
We were right on time and as a guide we got the director of the nature reserve. As you can see again how helpful and friendly the people in Canada are.
Laurie Schutt, our friendly guide, was glad to be able to leave the office work. We were glad too. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that the whole took place on a holiday.
The church "Martyrs Shrine" was always visible as a guide. So you do not have to worry about getting lost if your var is not equipped with a GPS.
You are not allowed to go by boat alone. There must always be a guide with you.

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
I would not be able to do that without my rollator!

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
"Martyrs Shrine" in the background

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Plants belonging to the family of bamboo plants

Laurie answered all our questions during the tour - Elizabeth had so many! Of course I did not understand all the names of the plants and animals that are here.
But I was really surprised with what enthusiasm and knowledge Laurie gave information. Besides, she seemed to know every animal living here.
She told us that many swans died of lead poisoning. They rummaged in the mud for food and swallowed lead pellets - a remnant of the past. Fortunately, such ammunition is now prohibited.
Also, the problem with plants from other parts of the world - including Europe - which displace the native flora are a serious problem.
Again and again we were pointed to traces of the various animals. Elizabeth was particularly impressed with the snapping turtle's deposits.

We stopped again and again to watch unknown, colorful birds. I had no chance to photograph this with my camera. Even the hummingbirds were too fast for me or too far away.
We learned from Laurie how hard it is to reintroduce certain species. At the moment, efforts are being made to provide a living space for ox frogs. At Point Pelee on Lake Erie you seem to have done that already.
Elizabeth was always thrilled with the flowers that grew everywhere. She would have liked to dig some out and take them home to plant them in our garden. But it is better not to do so so that other people can enjoy it as well.

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer

All visitors were quiet and there were no screaming children.
Laurie told us that most of them are from Europe at the moment. Some of the signs even had German text. Do you feel like volunteering to translate some texts for free? Laurie would be grateful.
Did you know that turtles love to sunbathe? In the picture on the left, you can convince yourself that they really do that.
She obviously likes it on the tree trunk.
After getting warmer, I asked if it was allowed to swim here. As a kid, I've always done that in similar waters. Unfortunately, only the animals have this right here.

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Trumpeter Swans back in Ontario

Trumpeter swans are the largest water birds in North America. Their wing span can be up to 3 meters.
The beak and the feet are black.
They were originally based in Ontario. For reasons unknown to me, they then left our province.
It succeeded here with love to breed these swans again here. Every day food is laid out, although certainly enough food cou;ld be found by themselves. Laurie explained to me that this helps to keep this pair of swans here.I wish somewtimes I would be a trumpeter swan.
The small island on which the swans are located was created artificially. Normally you can not approach the birds as much as we did. Laurie allowed us access to the fenced area..

In any case, do not approach when the swans are brooding. They then defend themselves and are dangerous. They can easily break your leg.
Of course, these swans are protected in Ontario. There is no hunting permit for them.
Also protected is the Canada goose. We found these in large numbers in all meadows at Georgian Bay. But watch out if they are running around there; because nobody clears up what these birds leave behind in the grass.
The following photo is not from us. It was made by Anthony Hughes. Thanks a lot for this.
Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Wye Marschland

Laurie constantly pointed out the traces of various animals.
Time and again, she showed us the bins of snappers or leftovers of raccoons.
These have proved to my surprise as not so nice.
I always thought that these were cute animals. That's obviously not true. We have some in our neighborhood in Welland and I could not believe it, as they occasionally perform.
On the other hand, the chipmunks are really nice.

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer

Again and again we met on our hike on wooden huts. The one shown here serves to familiarize visitors with beekeeping.
A beekeeper had donated some beehives to the center and they immediately started beekeeping.
Even beekeeping suits were already ready.
It will be further developed and you can certainly buy honey here soon. Canadian honey is well known.
I think that's an excellent addition to the maple syrup production we've already seen. To see that, you have to come in March.
But you can also read a lot about it in our travel guide.

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer

Climb the lookout tower from where you have a good overview of the terrain.
Rest there and behave calmly.
Surely you can then see some of the animals from here and take pictures or film.
We bought a new video camera and were still learning how to use it best. But I was not satisfied with the quality. Now we use more modern digital cameras and love the quality.
For many presentations, we still prefer pictures, which can be viewed more calmly.Sometimes I am getting dizzie when watching YouTube videos..

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre

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