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Watch Elizabeth touring the Western Brook Pond in Newfoundland - Tourism

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All the pictures from the tour had been made by Elizabeth. When I downloaded them I realized that the memory card was almost full.

Just the beginning

These remains of an old tree fascinated Elizabeth. A nice lady from Ontario had joined her who had similar interests.
The complete hiking trail was very well maintained. When it crossed a bog it was built like a boardwalk.
The weather changed a few times what was not any longer a surprise for her and she was well prepared as long as it did not rain.
Helpful were the posted information. Elizabeth told me that a very long time ago parts of this area were below the sea level.
No wonder that she could not make it in the estimated time to pond.
Elizabeth was also very pleased how clean everything was. Nobody had littered anything or was noisy. Why can people in Welland be like that? We have always to clean up the side walk in front of our house and even our garden.

A little lake

The boardwalk through the bog

An unpleasant surprise was waiting for Elizabeth when she finally arrived at the Western Brook Pond. When we booked the tour we were not allowed to pay for it. She had to do this here. In addition a fee to access the National Park was due which was never mentioned to any of the visitors.
Bank cards were not accepted an luckily Elizabeth had just enough cash in her wallet, but no money was left for buying small souvenirs.
She also learned that the staff who works her gets a ride on an ATV. They must not hike. Why is this service not offered also to handicapped people? I do not know wether this has been changed in the meantime - I hope so.

They did not make any business with Elizabeth

Elizabeth was still mad that she could not buy souvenirs. She had already choosen a T-shirt and a book. But without a credit card or cash and no bank machine you are lost in Canada. She knew that I used very often my bank card in Germany , but you could face problems with a credit card.
Elizabeth was very happy to have met the lady from Ontario. She cheered her up and even called her later at home. She was already planning her next visit to Newfoundland.
We are still dreaming about going there again. However, our health is not any longer as good as it was and the insurance to be paid does not allow to make our dreams come through.
Really innovative politcians should use this as a chance to bring a proof for that.
Boarding the boat

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Labrador on the road

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