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Neufundland Fahne

Impressions from our trips between Ontario and Newfoundland-Labrador.

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Page 7, our ferry trip between Goose Bay and Cartwright

A ferry trip lasting a whole night

During our trip to Labrador the highway between Goose Bay and Cartwright was not completed. For that reason we had to use a ferry. Following our decision not to book a ferry in advance we were put on a waiting list -first come, first serve. We were some of the first people because Elizabeth had to show up at work and the next chance to get a ride was much too late. She was almost in a panic and we were not the only people who faced this problem.
We all were calmed down by the staff. They judged the situation very well as we luckily learned.
We also met other travelers again who had experienced serious problems with their new truck and a camper on the highway.

Both vehicles had been repaired and they luckily made it too

Elizabeth explaining her first digital camera ...

... and demonstrating her skills
Naturally, we did not get a cabin. We were happy when we were called up to get ready for boarding.
We knew that the trip would last all night and we did not care about the bad weather.
Luckily we had met already a nice family with an interesting background and talking to them made the long voyage not boring.
The traveled with a VW camper and we stayed in contact for some time after our return.
I believe everybody from the waiting list got a place on board.
Now the highway between Goose Bay and Cartwright is open and a family from Germany used it already and had sent us pictures.
Elizabeth took many pictures including the following one of the Canadian Coast Guard Vessel. She was really excited that we made it on board.
Unfortunately the camera was not suited to take videos.

Waiting to board

Really crowded. We made sure to get everything what we need.

A boat of the Canadian Coast Guard

On board we had a simple dinner with our new travel companions and interesting conversations until we became too tired and tried to sleep.
I got a feeling of what the first settlers from Europe must have suffered on their trip from Europe to the new world!
Everybody was relieved and exhausted when we arrived in Cartwright. But none of us experienced sea sickness despite the not pleasant weather.
In Cartwright it was even worse, but not for long.
The first thing we did to fill up the tank and to have breakfast in a restaurant.

The ferry between Blanc Sablon, Quebec and St. Barbe, Newfoundland

The ferry back to Newfoundland starts in Blanc Sablon, Quebec and brings you to St. Barbe, Newfoundland

The fastest way to travel back to Newfoundland from Labrador is to use the ferry which departs shortly after you entered Quebec.
We did that after we stayed over night in a motel with many bikers. Not "Hells Angels" - just people who love to travel in this way. I explored parts of Europe by doing the same.
If I remember correctly entering Quebec meant a different time zone.

No Harleys - bikes suitable for the dirt roads!

It is a very short trip with the ferry and we did not have any problems booking it. The waiting line was not very long.
Be aware - this ferry cannot be used all year long. It has to cross the so called "Iceberg Alley" which can cause a serious hazard especially during poor weather conditions.
We did not see and also no whales. Mainly because the weather changed again and the visibility became very poor but the sea was calm and the radar was working.
We used the time until departure to talk to other travelers and we met a true globetrotter with a BMW bike. He was attracting many people including us. I never found out what he did for living to be able to travel the world by bike which was in mint condition.
My longest trip was to Spain and it took me four weeks.

The globetrotter

Did he use this bike for all the tours?

Due to the nasty weather we did not stay very long on the upper deck. After having taken some pictures both of us retracted with the other passengers to the comfort below.
We did not buy ant food - only Elizabeth needed a hot coffee.
We really liked this ferry when we walked around.
Soon we ended in front of the boat at a spectacular lookout point.
Unfortunately we could not see any icebergs or whales, but only fog.
Elizabeth was reading most of the time.

The dining area

Nothing to see - too much fog

This was not a sightseeing trip

Shortly after our arrival on the "Rock" we had beautiful sunshine and a clear blue sky. This is typical for this island. Elizabeth was always fascinated by the sky and the clouds. She took many pictures of that.

Please watch the following slideshow to see what to expect in Newfoundland and Labrador

Journey to Newfoundland Labrador:

Sehen Sie sich folgendes Video an: Eine Autotour durch Labrador, Labrador on the road

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