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Neufundland Fahne

Impressions from our trips between Ontario and Newfoundland-Labrador.
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Page 6, our ferry trips

Our trip with a ferry from Sidney North to Port aux Basques in Newfoundland

The weather was still overcast when we drove to the harbor to board the ferry to Port aux Basques.
We were told to take everything with us what we needed because no access to our car was granted on sea unless a crew member accompanies you. We did that and especially warm clothing, books and Elizabeth's medication. No problems at all and soon we were on the upper deck.
Elizabeth needed a few layers of clothing to protect her spindly body. She looked pretty good like that and was happy.

The well protected Elizabeth

It was windy and cold

It did not take a long time and the sky cleared up and we had sun shine, but it was still very fresh and windy.
Many of us stayed on the deck looking for something exciting like whales, birds, an iceberg or another boat. Nothing showed up and Elizabeth started to shiver and disappeared. I stayed a little be longer.
Then the blue sky was replaced by fog and I followed her.

Clear sky, but still cold

Nothing showed up

The weather changed again

You must not starve on board and you can even book a cabin for the relatively short trip. Elizabeth was reading - I did nothing. I was not interested in watching TV or walking around.

You can see - I was not the only one who just relaxed

I was happy when we finally arrived. The offered food had not attracted me and I am not a shopping monster, I just want to be on land again.
Finally we could line up to get our cars.

Finally in Port aux Basques, Newfoundland

Our very brief English travel guide only shows a small part of what we experienced during our trips through this beautiful province and its unspoiled nature.
If you want to learn more - just come! Be prepared to experience fast weather changes and to meet some of the friendliest people. Don't believe the horror stories which you may hear. Check the Internet and watch some of the really great YouTube presentations of this unique province.
Unfortunately our second trip was much too short to explore everything what is offered. We had to go back.

Traveling back from Argentia to Port aux Basques

We took the ferry from Argentia to Port aux Basques

During this trip we stayed only on the "Rock", but we decided to come back to visit Labrador, what we did.
Elizabeth wanted to use the ferry which connects the west coast of Newfoundland with Labrador, but I was able to convince her that we would run out of time by doing this.
We had an appointment in St.John's with a lady from the government.
I was not looking forward for the very long trip with the ferry, but it saved us time and lots of driving.
I think I will not become a fan of cruises - Elizabeth would love to go on a big one. Maybe when I am older I may be ready for one but I must become very old!

Again bad weather when we started

It was my big mistake that we did not inform us better about what options which could have selected when booking the ferry ride. I just assumed that there would be many hours of sunshine to enjoy the trip.
When Elizabeth was sleeping I started to explore the ship.
I only could see a single passenger on the upper deck and the visibility became very poor. Not even hardened smokers were there.

My sleeping beauty

A lonely passenger

No reason for me to be outside

Walking is a problem for me since a few years and on the moving boat it got worse, but I was not the only one.
I found a deserted quiet room with very comfortable chairs. I was surprised to see almost nobody else and took place. Then I learned that I was not supposed to be here because you need a special ticket.
Sorry, nobody could take the sleep away which I already had and nobody charged me.

An alternative solution to book a cabin

Finally we arrived in North Sidney and we agreed to take a cabin on our next ferry trip.
We started drive back and found very fast a nice place to stay over night. In the morning we were greeted by bright sunshine.

Please watch the following slideshow to see what to expect in Newfoundland and Labrador

Journey to Newfoundland Labrador:

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