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Neufundland Fahne

Impressions from our trips between Ontario and Newfoundland-Labrador.
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Page 5, Nova Scotia

We always entered and left Nova Scotia at the same place

When we arrived on our second trip in Nova Scotia we did not have very much time left to catch the already booked ferry in North Sidney to Newfoundland.
We are now pretty sure that no advanced booking was necessary and we never did any after that. I do not want to pushed in vacations!

Welcome in Nova Scotia

As my son had already told us how beautiful Nova Scotia was we were not surprised to find this confirmed.
We would love to spend whole vacations here too after having explored the Cabot Trail too briefly. There is much to see and to do.
One day is not enough to do that. But we got an impression.
To do this we stayed over night in a moderately priced lodge. WE always had to watch our budget.
It was a pretty but an enjoyable and long drive. Normally we want to stay in places which we like immediately but our time schedule did not allow that.

We stayed in this place at the Strait of Canso- in Port Hastings

Nova Scotia offers many things which people from Germany an Europe would love. For a long tome the government maintained a German web site - not any longer. Who is responsible for such a decision? Germans love to travel and will spend money to do that. Not everybody is addicted to combat drinking and weird sex!
Many people are concerned about climate change and the environment. Has Nova Scotia to hide certain thing? I believe improvements are mandatory as anywhere but money is needed to do those. Environmental friendly tourism could help to do that!
An important pre-requisite is to know the expectations of potential visitors what you obviously cannot learn on a college.
False promises are another reason to keep people away and create a bad image. Some Germans purchased property in this province and had to learn the hard way the truth.
The sellers made fast money and the tourism industry and the good people suffer as result!

Our tour to and along the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia

Am Cabot Trail

Also in Nova Scotia we only preferred small restaurants also used by local people. I stayed down to earth similar to Elizabeth my wife. Even when I was working in a high management position I loved to do that and to meet people.
Now I am old, my hearing is gone and I have to use a walker and I have to tell strangers that I am not brain dead but deaf. None of my hearing aids worked and I am always told to train my brain. How does it come that I can hear with a head set?
Apple who will damage the heating of many young people is hopefully working hard on a better solution to have a big share in future business.

Grande Falaise (The Great Cliff) at the Cabot Trail - well known by hikers

Elizabeth writing notes

Elizabeth used very often a break to write her notes which were a great help for creating my Internet travel guide.
She also did lots of walking to take pictures. She had lots of fun doing this with my old digital camera. My walking capabilities are limited!
Thank you Lizzie!
She also checked brochures which we had taken with us for interesting things to see.
Naturally we had only limited time to that and so we missed many of them.

Sometimes it is difficult to stop for taking pictures

We arrived in the late evening in North Sidney. It was raining and we found very fast an accommodation. After dinner we went to bed.

Our way back to New Brunswick

On our way back to new Brunswick

Please watch the following slideshow to see what to expect in Newfoundland and Labrador

Journey to Newfoundland Labrador:

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