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Kanada Fahne

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Neufundland Fahne

Impressions from our trips between Ontario and Newfoundland-Labrador.
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Page 4, New Brunswick

On our first trip to Newfoundland we arrived in the evening in Campellford, New Brunswick

The bridge to Campellton in New Brunswick

We were tired when we arrive in New Brunswick and had to find a reasonable priced accommodation. We selected a motel. It did not offer a breakfast.

The motel where we stayed the first night in New Brunswick

We did not want to start the day with good coffee and a descent breakfast.
Luckily we found a place which offered a really good one. Not a so called "Continental Breakfast" which I consider to be an insult on Europe by people who never have been in Europe. We were really pleased.
New Brunswick is officially bilingual - English and French and I believe that is a big bonus especially related to food.
I am born to eat - Elizabeth is born to shop! So both of us are happy to experience some good French influence.

Here we were treated with an excellent breakfast buffet

It was a beautiful day

After the breakfast and some sightseeing we liked being in New Brunswick and I understood my son who visited it before us when he came from Germany to explore Nova Scotia. He was excited about both provinces and its people.
But Newfoundland was waiting for us because not following my policy to book anything in advance to avoid stress during vacations we had booked the trip on a ferry to the "Rock" and I did not want to miss it.

When we came back from our third trip to Newfoundland and Labrador we wanted to see more from New Brunswick even when our time and money were limited,
We started with a great lunch in a German restaurant which we had seen already before. We were not disappointed - I was so excited that I consider it almost a reason to come back to New Brunswick. Everything was like in Germany and not like what I got in Ontario Like a Vienna Style Schnitzel with Spätzle and other weird combinations. Now I make my own home made Schnitzels because these places went out of business.

Something completely different after enjoying Canadian cuisine

Elizabeth is normally a very poor eater. But on our trips she enjoyed the sometimes very different food. Only the cot tongues she will never try again. That was a speciality in Newfoundland!
All other tings she loved there - real good old fashioned home cooking mostly - nothing fancy!
She did lots of walking which I could not do any longer and took many pictures as well as many notes for my web site.
This web site is in German because I thought The Newfoundlanders can do a English one much better than I can do. However , I use a completely different concept than all the official publications in Canada as well as in Germany.
I try to attract people to our countries by showing them unbiased information and offering paid advertising including of designing web sites in German and in English. I am confident that everybody knows that both countries offer a variety of accommodations and restaurants. We offer both the chance to get known in their mother tongue.
Elizabeth finished everything!

A vegetarian meal for Elizabeth

and a original Bavarian one for me with Wheat Beer

After leaving Newfoundland we stayed only for one night in Nova Scotia. For another night we rented a cottage in Fredericton in New Brunswick and drove from there directly to our home in Ontario.
We will never to such a long trip again!
Fredericton is a nice city as we learned during our brief stay. We both felt in love with the Atlantic provinces of Canada.
I wish our politicians would be more innovative to boost the travel in our country. We both are cancer survivors and the high costs for health insurance does not allow us and many others to explore our beautiful country. Unfortunately, the innovation of all our politicians is to find excuses and to invent reasons for raising existing taxes and fees or even new ones. The job creation is mostly limited to jobs in administration.
One country - same health insurance policy, same traffic regulations, same driver licence etc.

Hier hatten wir für eine Nacht ein Ferienhäuschen gemietet

A very friendly reception

Our cottage

A short break in New Brunswick

...and to see

Just beautiful

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