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Impressions from our trips between Ontario and Newfoundland-Labrador.

Impressions from our trips between Ontario and Newfoundland-Labrador.
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Page 2, Quebec

On our first trip by car to Newfoundland we wanted to explore a part from Quebec which was new to us. We selected a route through the Gaspé Peninsula - along the shores of Gulf of St. Lawrence.

I love visiting Quebec even when I cannot understand their language. I know I share this with many other people. Some true French people are among them. I learned that they use words still unknown in France and movies from Quebec in original language have added French subtitles.
The same happens to me in the German speaking part of Switzerland - I am getting lost!
I do no support the fighting between English and French speaking Canadians. We are one country and should tolerate each other and learn from each other.
Having lived in Europe for many years I still miss some of the European flair and life style in Ontario.

A service center in Quebec

I got the impression that they have more of them on their highways than Ontario but they were not as well equipped.
I was happy to see many bikers. I visited many countries with my bike in Europe and I even made a trip to Quebec with my Kawasaki Katana.

My dream - I did lots of biking in Europe

I was really surprised when I experienced the size of Canada and how relaxing it is to drive your own vehicle. Much less traffic jams than in Europe - but unfortunately also crazy drivers.
Our first trip by car was directly to the island of Newfoundland. We had selected a route through the Gaspé Peninsula. We felt immediately in love with it and decided to come back - what we never could do.
I miss this province, its people, the food and the lifestyle very much.





Quebec City

Quebec City

I did not take any pictures during my unforgettable trip with my bike to this great city, but my wife and I had a wonderful time here a few years later.
I can understand the French Canadians that they want to protect their culture and their language. We all should accept that.
However, one thing shocked me and I think it was disgusting. A pretty young Chinese lady was offering crepes which I consider to be a well know French delicacy. She prepared them in a microwave! Please stop that nonsense! If not shame on you.

Somewhere on the Gaspé Peninsula

Everywhere we could see similar churches - mostly with silver roofs. As you can see there was no service when we passed by.

You see the Catholic faith is dominating

One of those churches

A pleasant and clean countryside and almost no traffic rewarded our decision for this route. We stopped several times at little restaurant for a snack.

A typical restaurant

We enjoyed it in this little gallery

We spent also some time in this little and cozy gallery. Elizabeth purchased some cards made by artists and some small unique gifts for friends.
It was June and only few visitors were around. So we got lots of attention when we ordered some delicious snacks and something to drink. We did not have any language problems.
I think the Gaspé is a perfect region for relaxing vacations with many things to explore but without lots of actions and a busting night life. Exactly what I had experienced in the Provence in France years ago.

We felt sorry to say good bye to the Gaspé

Please watch the following slideshow to see what to expect in Newfoundland and Labrador

Journey to Newfoundland Labrador:

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