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Explore Trinity and surroundings, Newfoundland-Labrador travel guide
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The we started our sightseeing tour by car. The weather was beautiful so we decided to see first some of the surrounding before it may change to bad what could happen very fast.
We were obviously the only people who were on such an expedition. Nature and serenity are one of the major attractions to us and we found it in this province. No stress, no noise, no garbage floating around and good people. Can we ask for more to relax?

We both were happy ...

... and it was hot!

Oysters are considered to be delicatessen by many people. Elizabeth also loved them until she got violently ill after eating them in Welland. The same happened to me after eating in another place a steak and I still order occasionally a steak.
After my experience in Newfoundland I would not hesitate to order mussels if I would be a great seafood lover. I was happy to see this farm because it is a proof that innovation can create new jobs and an income.
Brave Elizabeth tried cot tongues instead in another place, but nothing beats her appetite for a conventional lunch or dinner with fresh caught fish.

A mussels farm

Happy Lizzie

Now we explored Trinity. Elizabeth and her mom are very religious and the Anglican Church was really eye catching. I got the feeling that most of the communities in Newfoundland have Anglican churches.

The Anglican call their pastors according to my understanding "deans, provosts, canons or prebendaries" and they are allowed to get married and have children. Why not? Is anything wrong with that? Now they have discussion about same sex marriage. I have nothing against gays and lesbians. I met some good people which had this orientation, but marriage and parades or even being proud of it - no!
No pomp or gaudiness in the interior. Just a place to worship and not to impress people with the wealth of the church. That I like. The Anglicans are also much more open minded than some of the other North American churches. To have a beer or a glass of wine will not push send you to hell, nor the use of a computer or listening to none Christian music.
So far the people we met in Newfoundland were extremely helpful, friendly and most of them did not lock their doors because they knew they were surrounded by good people.
The very simple interior of this Anglican Church

St. Paul's Anglican Church in Trinity

St. Paul's Anglican Church in Trinity

We had discovered this little museum already on the first day we arrived in Trinity. We love to visit them and we always learned something about the life in the past. We always were allowed to take pictures except in Welland and in St. Catharines in Ontario - even after I offered to include the place for free in our German Internet travel guide. Those curators went over board with the power which was given too them for "empire" - a delusions of grandeur! Not so in other parts of Ontario and never in Newfoundland-Labrador.
We were the only visitors in this museum and nobody came during the time we spent there.

The museum

We were welcomed and the friendly elderly lady - a volunteer? - was very happy to see us. Elizabeth liked her immediately, She looked almost like her mom and both of them started to chat.

Elizabeth in action

Another sight of the church

A paradise for collectors of antiques

Elizabeth love antiques, but I am not a treasure hunter. I was happy that none of these items was for sale. Otherwise, we would habe exceeded our budget. Elizabeth understood that so she only collected sock and rocks. The socks are worn out now, but we still have the rocks from "The Rock"! Some of the serve as door stoppers. Nothing is wasted.

We purchased this very informative brochure.

However, for unknown reasons to me I was never able to find a normal store which sells China like that for a reasonable price. I am a tea lover and would by a set. You eat and drink also with your eyes! Many nations know that. Go to Japan to learn!
So many artifacts, probably donated to the museum. You can spend hours to see them if you are a collector or interested how people lived in the past and what they used or enjoyed. Many of them were still part of the daily life when I was young. This brought memories back of my live in the country site in Germany during WWII.

So much to discover!

Something for everybody - guns

So much to see and to discover in Trinity

Watch the slide show: "Whale watching and more in Newfoundland"

Watch this beautiful video which we had sold for a long time: "Over Canada":

The Johnson Geo Centre, St. John's, Newfoundland

Watch the slide show: "National Park Gros Morne, Newfoundland,impressions"

Colony of Avalon in Ferryland, Neufundland, Newfoundland

Happy Valley Goose Bay & North West River, Labrador

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