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Accommodations in Toronto
Canada, Ontario
Tourism, Travel Guide

Naturally Toronto and the surrounding area offer all kind of accommodations. We stayed only in Toronto when this was mandatory because we live not too far away. The Internet offers many reviews by visitors which may be helpful to prevent disappointments.
In our German web site we warned readers not to expect a good breakfast when they read "continental breakfast". I consider this almost a an insult on Europe by people who never had visited it.
I also recommended to ask always for a discount when they come on business or are seniors. Big companies do the same and nobody should be ashamed to ask.
To go for a brunch instead of paying for an overpriced breakfast should also be considered - especially when no breakfast is offered at all what I experienced in Kanata, close to Ottawa.
I am not doing any longer free advertising for business. We offer moderately priced ads in our Internet travel guides and in addition I made a very bad experience when I tried to use my credit card or PayPal to book a room for my wife in advance in one of the places. I could not do that - and what they demanded would not have protected me against fraud. I learned that having a big mouth is not a proof for having common sense or the required brain power to operate a customer friendly business!
Sorry, that I can not be of any further help and show eye catching pictures of some of the great places.


Toronto Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia - mit deutschen Untertiteln!

25 Things to do in Toronto Travel Guide

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