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Explore St. Lewis and Battle Harbour in Labrador
Tourism, Travel Guide, Newfoundland and Labrador

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The next day we had the "Jiggs dinner" for lunch. Elizabeth with coffee - I preferred a beer.
At the beginning Elizabeth looked a little bit scarred, even when she was told before what to expect. Especially the cooked salted beef seemed to scare her. It came with what Minnie called a bread pudding and a variety of vegetables as you can see. In Germany dumplings using flour are very popular. They taste almost the same as the bread pudding.
After Lizzie had tried everything. She loved it and eat everything with more coffee what made me ordering another beer.
The two workers also had a good time with this meal and we talked about the work they were doing on the fire hall.
After that really good meal we had we ordered home made pie. This time I had is also with coffee.
It was not allowed to serve beer in the restaurant. Only in the bar which was always closed because nobody came. Earl did not hesitate to make an exception with me.
Enjoying a traditional Jiggs dinner in St. Lewis

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
believe it or not - she ate everything...

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
... me too, but with beer

We were still working on the pie when Earl showed up. He still did not know what was wrong with the motor of his boat. He did not have any more warranty on it. We told hin how much we enjoyed the time in St. Lewis and that we will promote it in our German Internet travel guide. We explained why we did that.
He wanted to show us a house which was for sale in St. Lewis for a much better price than what they charged in the new resort in Newfoundland.
We gladly accepted his invitation and followed him to the house.
It was a new two story house in a beautiful location and fully furnished including a modern kitchen. Perfect for rental to travelers., But certain minor work was still required. It was not connected to a sewer system. A septic tank was used/
Town water was only available during summer. A own well had to be built. We loved it but did not follow up, because so far we had not sold a single home in the new resort.

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
This panoramic view was breathtaking

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
This one too!...

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
... when the weather is nice

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
Crafts were also included

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
The new fire hall under construction
Elizabeth was waving to the guy and finally he recognizes us and he and his colleague waver back. In the evening we were always talking to each other instead of watching TV.
Instead of fiction and advertising we learned many little things about the life and work in Labrador.
Great down to earth people made every day enjoyable. I hope that Minnie and her husband will find work in another province, but I am sure that they will return to their home country when they retire. Many Newfoundlander did this and are still doing it. I cannot blame them. The life style seemed so different to Europe and even to other Canadian provinces.
It was a complete new experience to us. But even here you need a job to survive and there are not too many jobs available. Tourism could help. For that reason I started now with an English variant of our alternative travel guide using a complete different concept than all the official ones.

We left St. Lewis the next day.

St. Lewis, Labrador, Canada, travel guide, tourism
Good bye St. Lewis

Please watch the following slide show to see what to expect in Newfoundland and Labrador

A visit of the island Battle Harbour, Labrador, Canada

Labrador on the road

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