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Visit and explore Plevna and surroundings
Tourism Region:
"Haliburton Highlands to the Ottawa Valley"
Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

Plevna in tourism region: "Haliburton Highlands to the Ottawa Valley"

Plevna was our first destination to take a vacation in a "cottage resort" that a business colleague had bought and operated with help from his family.
Forests, lonely lakes - a paradise for nature lovers and anglers awaited us.
We loved it to be surrounded by nature. We had our own beach, the cottage provided everything we needed and even a restaurant was in the resort where we always had dinner and nice company.
We explored the surroundings and did the little required shopping in Plevna, Kaladar and Cloyne when we toured the surroundings by car.
Most of the time we spend in and on the water. It were really relaxing holidays.
After our first cottage vacations we became addicted to this kind of accommodation.
After that I started to create my internet travel guide for Ontario. I now summarize all the small and interesting places that we had visited on this trip and also later in the surroundings of Plevna.
Since we love small places and we have already spent many beautiful days in this area I would like to share my experiences with you. I tried to replace all my lost pictures with those from Wikipedia and other donors. Thanks again.
I hoped that this year (2017) we could finally travel again to update and supplement our guide. Unfortunately, the serious illness of my wife Elizabeth did not allow to go on longer trips.
We came to Plevna via Kaladar and Cloyne. As a precaution we had a supply of beverages and some unpeeled peanuts with us. We were told to get a good supply of those for the squirrels.
We had to return to the General Store in Kaladar several times because those creatures did never get enough of them.

Kalandar, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Kaladar - Photo by User:P199 at Wikimedia Commons

Plevna, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Plevna - many thanks to "Plevna" and Wikipedia

During this cottage vacations we were busy to feed the always hungry squirrels. Years later - on Lake Nipissing we had to defend the chip monks against the squirrels. We were amazed how much all these little creatures did eat or stored away for winter.
We always had to go shopping for the squirrels. Elizabeth was occupied for hours talking to them and distributing peanuts. She did not have enough time to read her books in during the day time.
We also rented here a boat with a small outboard engine to explore the lake. We landed at small islands and went swimming there until we found out that we were not in real wilderness - most of these islands were owned by somebody because we discovered cottages on them. Luckily we did this during the week and nobody was there to chase us away.
We saw many fish in the clear water that water. I almost could touch them and we were wondering why we did not catch a single one on our fishing tour with the chef.

Plevna, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
One of our visitors made also vacations in this area

Here at Plevna on Buckshot Lake we were immediately thrilled with this type of vacation. The cottage was a bit windy but had everything you need.
My colleague was still busy with renovating everything and I could see that a lot of work had to be done to make everything winter proof.
For us, this was the total relaxation. With the exception of the fridge, we have never made use of the fully equipped kitchen. We were really spoiled.
However, we had unsuccessfully tried to help the chef of the restaurant catch fish. We went to the restaurant every day and even received special requests, if we brought them in time.
Plevna is surrounded by many lakes.
I regularly had my ice-cold beer, but the owner's daughter was not allowed to serve, as she was only 18 years old.
As far as I know, my colleague unfortunately had to give up this business. Our Swiss friends at Lake Nipissing also sold their beautiful resort where we stayed several times.
We had spent a lot of time on the lake. We had rented a small boat with an outboard motor and chugged around. We landed at small islands to swim there. Then we realized that most of them were not pure wilderness but were used. Of course, we wanted to avoid any quarrels with the owners and became more cautious.
The water was very clear and we could see the fish in it. I could not understand why we could not catch any of them when we went on our fishing tour.

Cloyne, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Cloyne - Photo by User:P199 at Wikimedia Commons

Visit the little "Pioneer Museum" in Cloyne. There were no charges and it shows you the living conditions of the first settlers.
We were so relaxed and enjoyed it so much in the cottage resort on the Buckshot Lake that we did not feel any urge to drive to the "Bon Echo Provincial Park" which is not too far away.
We decided to come back another time which we did but not to the park. Stupid me!
Don't make the same mistake.

Bon Echo Park, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
The "Bon Echo Provincial Park" - many thanks to "D. Gordon E. Robertson" and Wikipedia

Bon Echo Park, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
The "Bon Echo Provincial Park" - many thanks to "D. Gordon E. Robertson" and Wikipedia

Sharbot Lake, Kanada, Ontario, Tourismus, Reiseführer
Sharbot Lake - Photo by User:P199 at Wikimedia Commons

Buckshot Lake Canada

Kaladar Hill Jig

Ontario Road 509 Central Frontenac Highway 7 to Plevna

Big Lake, Plevna ON

Land Olakes

Bon Echo

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