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Visit and explore Manitoulin Island
Tourism Region:
"Northeastern Ontario"
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Manitoulin Island in the tourism region: "North Eastern Ontario"

Manitoulin Island is the largest island in the world, surrounded by freshwater - Lake Huron.
Here you can spend a nice adventure holiday filled every day with new activities such as water sports, fishing, tennis, hiking, biking, horseback riding and much more. It is also a very good place to get in contact with our aboriginal people. They offer guided tours and I had met and talked to many of them. Don't look down on them - treat them with respect. Idiots you can find in any race.
I want to learn more details about the life and culture of these people when we come back.

The company still exists after a merger with a French partner as a manufacturing company and grew thanks to a larger offer especially on single-engine helicopters. A factory is still much better than nothing.
A very old picture of this trip to Manitoulin Island on the "MS Chi Cheemaun" by an unknown fellow traveler

I came 1984 to Canada with two colleagues from MBB. The company had established a branch of its helicopter group there and it was our job to get it started. We were hoping for more sales, especially to the Canadian military.
Canada helped us to create quality jobs - not just an extended workbench. I was responsible for building the complete engineering within three years.
It is a fact that creating a job in one country is an important prerequisite to be able to sell there. Many in the mother company have recognized this - others less.
Shortly after we arrived in Canada, a colleague and I traveled to Manitoulin Island for a long weekend. That was another door opener for my love to this country.
We used a pick-up truck with a cab on the back. I had this converted to sleep in it.
Of course we had not booked a place on the ferry to South Baymouth and when we arrived in Tobermory in the late afternoon we had to wait over night in line to board the ferry on the following morning. We had to stay there and had no chance to do anything but wait and have a few snacks.
But the wait was worth it and we got the first impression of the "wild" Canada".

The ferry - many thanks to Wikipedia and Geo Swan

We spent a few days on a campsite right on Lake Kagawong

At Lake Kagawong - Public Domain,

The business colleague from Germany was a very good travel companion and we always took turns driving. Neither of us had already a Canadian driver's license which is required when you live longer here.
Most of the time we spent in and around the water. The lake was very warm and crystal clear. You could see a lot of fish while diving and I caught a turtle with my hand. We had no idea that you could find them here.
Of course I let her swim again.
During our first visit, we did not have time to do anything else in Manitoulin Island than to enjoy the lake and chat with other visitors. Then we had to make our way home again - a lot of work was waiting for us!
We were content with the very simple offer of food offered at the campsite. We completely missed the authentic Native American cuisine. This is on my program if we visit Manitoulin Iceland again. This time we will be more careful than in Ohsweken, where we were disappointed. The chef in the restaurant did not offer anything like that.
For the return trip we used the land route, which meant more driving. But we wanted to see more of the country and therefore chose the detour via Little Current from where you can reach the mainland via a historic swing bridge.

The swing bridge at Little Current - Public Domain,

Another view of the swing bridge - Thanks to By P199 - Own work, CC BY 2.5,

After all the clean air in Manitoulin Island we got a shock in Espaniola. There it stank so disgusting that we did not even stop. The polluter was a paper mill. I heard that today emissions are very clean.
I hope that I can confirm that.

View from the "Cup and Saucer Hiking Trail" - By User: Jhapk, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Of course we had neither the knowledge nor the time to do a tour to the above attraction on our way to Little Current. It's too late now!
I have always walked or hiked a lot. As a child with my parents in the Alps, as a student when a beer was more important to me than spending the money on tram or bus trips and also with Elizabeth, my wife in Bavaria when we lived there for a year. We had joined a hiking group and had a lot of fun. We walked up to 30 km in one piece! Today I am a discontinued model
Now I have to use a Rollator to make longer distances on foot. I'd rather live with it than with a "temporary " memory loss after the necessary operations to get a new suspension.
That's why Elizabeth has always made these tours on our travels for me. Often even alone, as in Newfoundland and Labrador. Now she can not and may not do that anymore.
I am therefore relying on help from Wikipedia or other sources like YouTube to show how beautiful Ontario is.
Many people have done valuable work and share what they liked during travelling with others by using Wikipedia or YouTube. Not using these good works would be stupidity. Thank you all!.

An old lighthouse in Missisagi Strait - many thanks to Wikipedia

After you've probably arrived in Toronto and explored southern Ontario, we suggest you follow our tracks and drive to Tobermory to catch the MS Chi Cheemaun ferry to South Baymouth. You should book the ferry in good time so you do not lose time. As you read above that happened to us.
Please note that the ferry operates only during the summer months.
Otherwise, you can only reach or leave Manitoulin Island by land.
We chose this route on our return journey.
The island has about 13 000 inhabitants. About 40% of them are aboriginal people.
Please use the internet to see the various offers of tours, lodging, restaurants etc. Do not forget to read their reviews. A single outlier does not necessarily have to be taken seriously. We were too short there.
Do not forget to visit a powwow if the opportunity exists. Please note some restrictions when taking photos or filming - ask.
Also try the food and drinks offered there.
Familiarize yourself with their culture. Many are practicing Christians but still are proud of their tradition. They always believed in one creator. They are no stupider than we are and enjoy certain privileges for what we did to them.
Legends that have been told for many years. Read them and compare them with our own ones.

Meldrum Bay - many thanks to Wikipedia

Manitoulin Island has countless lakes. Many of them without names and often with small islands. One of them is called "Treasure Island" and located in the "Mimdemoya Lake". Visiting and exploring that by boat is certainly a challenge. Write me what you found there.
You can also find various rivers on the Giant Island. Visit &quuot;Bridal Veil Falls&quuot;. Use the link below to get some more information.

Bridal Veil Falls in Kagawong - many thanks to Wikipedia and Pverdonk

I have been an avid motorcyclist for many years and have been touring extensively Europe. Almost always with a tent.
I must have had a lucky streak when I found the YouTube video showing a tour with a &quuot;Ural&quuot; bike through the wilderness of Manitoulin Island. Most people would certainly use a modern ATV (All Train Vehicle) and rush around like crazy in a crowd with a lot of noise. This tour shown, however, is a very good addition to my Internet travel guide.

Much needed vacation to Manitoulin island awesome ride on the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry

Men's Traditional @wikwemikong powwow 2016

Manitoulin 2016 (July)

Manitoulin 2015 (May)

Point Grondine Park

Manitoulin Island Life

Kagawong, Manitoulin Island

Off-road on Manitoulin Island with a Ural Gear Up

Manitoulin Island - Cup and Saucer hiking trail, Bridal Vail Falls.

Welcome to Gore Bay

Manitoulin Island Tour

Great Spirit Circle Trail - Manitoulin Island - Sagamok Region

See where the Creator rested: Manitoulin Islands

Manitoulin Drums

50th Anniversary POW WOW Manitoulin Island

Bears Inn Cottages, Manitoulin Island

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