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Visit and explore Killarney and surroundings
Tourism Region:
"Northeastern Ontario"
Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

Killarney in the Tourism Region: "Northeastern Ontario"

Killarney is located south of Killarney Provincial Park, where you can experience and explore the wilderness you expect from Canada.
A few years ago, the "Municipality of Killarney" was created to simplify administration. These include some islands and places like Hansen, Goshen, Sale, Attlee, Kilpatrick, Struthers, Allen and Travers as well as the places Bigwood, Humboldt and Carlyle. I hope you can find all of them on the above Google map. The "Municipality of Killarney" is larger than the area of "Greater Toronto"!
Without ever experiencing boredom, you can easily spend several weeks here. A good place to start your adventures is in Killarney. It is the "Killarney Mountain Lodge" that had kindly helped us with many beautiful pictures. Thanks again to Maurice East the former president of this resort! He was already over 80 years old!
Visit the new and current English website of the resort which is under new ownership.
At that time, we had created a draft of a German website as a thank you and were almost ready to visit the area when something hindered us to do that. Now I want finally to do that to collect our own impressions. Unfortunately, my wife became seriously ill and we have to wait that she gets healthy again.

Killarney, Northeastern Ontario, tourism, travel guide
The "Killarney Mountain Lodge" in Killarney

You can see the location of Killarney and the resort in the "Rainbow Country" is really charming. Maybe the pictures will convince you to do what we missed.

Killarney, Northeastern Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Again - the "Killarney Mountain Lodge"

Killarney, Northeastern Ontario, tourism, travel guide
You see - untouched landscape (Thanks for the picture to the "Killarney Mountain Lodge")

It is up to you whether you want to venture alone into the wilderness or to take part in a guided tour. Hiking or kayaking or canoeing tours are very popular. Due to my knee injury hiking tours will not be any longer on my wish list. I leave that to others.
Most of the pictures shown here were kindly left to me by the "Killarney Mountain Lodge" for use.

Killarney, Northeastern Ontario, tourism, travel guide
I still can do that! (Many thanks to the "Killarney Mountain Lodge")

In my young age I had a kayak in Germany. It was built of wood, covered with canvas and painted with oil paint. It was a huge attraction at the time and everyone wanted to try it. Almost nobody could handle it. The immersion of the paddle was enough to knock it over. It did not have a splash deck and I did not have any money to get one.
Elizabeth, my wife, was very athletic. She actively participated in Dragon Boat Regattas and of course she also wanted to try a kayak.
We did that in an evening class. The Canadian kayak was certainly 5 times heavier than the age-old wooden kayak, was longer and wider. It also had pedals to steer. So it did not go down, if anyone managed to knock it over, it had floating chambers.
For the safe accommodation of on-board luggage it had also an additional waterproof chamber.
This exercise served as preparation for our holidays in Killarney.

The kayaks we used on the practice evening

Shivering Elizabeth

Of course these kayaks can easily be handled. and in addition a life vest has to be worn. All this means that these things are, in my opinion, suitable only for the comfortable water "hiking". Even beginners should have no problems after a proper l familiarization.
After it got a bit chilly on our test drive on Lake Ontario in the evening, Elizabeth turned blue and started to rattle her teeth when we had the experience behind us.
So we could not wait to see if the success was celebrated afterwards with ice-cold Coke. She wanted to get into the car and I had to turn up the heating on the way home. But she liked it anyway.
I longed for my old wooden kayak.
The moral: take warm clothes with you! Drinking alcohol to warm up is strictly prohibited in Ontario. This is even controlled occasionally.

Killarney, Northeastern Ontario, tourism, travel guide
A tour with a sea kayak is certainly a nice experience
(Many thanks to the "Killarney Mountain Lodge")

You can observe animals, visit small islands and other remote places. I always found the water in Georgian Bay quite pleasantly warm in the summer, but not Elizabeth.

Killarney, Northeastern Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Hopefully you are faster with the boat than the bear can swim!

Killarney, Northeastern Ontario, tourism, travel guide
We were looking forward to such a tour

Killarney, Northeastern Ontario, tourism, travel guide
If you like to hike - here are challenging opportunities
(Many thanks to the "Killarney Mountain Lodge")

Killarney, Northeastern Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Wonderful views reward you
(Many thanks to the "Killarney Mountain Lodge")

Killarney, Northeastern Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Of course you can also wade through the water. A Kneipp cure without extra costs

Killarney, Northeastern Ontario, tourism, travel guide
Finally, a picture of how you can be accommodated in the resort

Of course you are here on old Indian territory. Killarney used to be known as "Shebahonaning". The first white settlers were French Canadians. Find out about historical details!
Today tourism is very important for this area.

Killarney Summer Edit 2011

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