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Our boat tour to the icebergs in Twillingate, Newfoundland
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Almost nobody had followed me to the front of the boat. The water looked beautiful and inviting for a swim, but the temperature was only about 8°C (46°F).
We passed some islands - many thanks to the captain for doing that! The rocky coast line is always an attraction for me.
I saw birds on the water and the first junks of ice appeared. The "warm" water melts the icebergs very fast. I was told that they are much bigger during May.

Approaching an island

Nobody is with me!


Another tour boat

The boat on autopilot?

Shortly after I had taken above picture the first iceberg appeared and the boat was not longer on autopilot.
The iceberg looked like a sphinx or a sleeping dragon. We circled around this attraction a few times to allow us to take many pictures.
We could see some of the part which was under the water. I was told that because of the shape there was no hazard that the iceberg may capsize which could be very dangerous if we were too close. A benefit to go on such a tour with an experienced captain and not a daredevil.

The first iceberg

The sphinx

After having admired the iceberg I waked back to look after Elizabeth

Some kind of hang over
The icebergs were sparkling in the sun.
The white color comes from tiny air bubbles in the ice. The blue stripes do not contain those bubbles.
I had tried iceberg water before - it was fuzzy because of the bubbles. I loved it.
Poor Lizzie and all the others who were exposed to the diesel fumes became sick. Did they not smell them?
I think the "Iceberg Man" and his daughter should have warned them or give them oxygen masks.
It took some time for poor Elizabeth to recover, but she told me that she had enjoyed the tour.
I cannot blame her. After drinking too much and having a hang over I said the same.

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Labrador West (Labrador City & Wabush)

Happy Valley Goose Bay & North West River, Labrador

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