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Newfoundlanders love to have fun. We had an exiting evening in the "Around the Circle Dinner Theater" in Crow Head

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Naturally we started with our dinner and the performance began at the same time.
Now I experienced stress what I always wanted to avoid during vacations. I gad to eat and drink my coke with taste improver, talk to Elizabeth, take pictures as well as video clips.
When I was still working I was always under pressure and used to it - I even loved it and all the challenges. So I tried my best. Watch one of my first videos with my now outdated video camera.

The performance was never boring.

Music and dancing changed with brief and funny scenes. Unfortunately I could not always understand everything, but Elizabeth did.

At the end of the performance was a surprise for me. All the actors were singing the anthem of Newfoundland. I did not even know that the province had one.
It was only a small bottle of "Newfie Screech" and also the beer bottles had kess content as in Germany - so I had no problems not to save any left over's.
With the dessert I had a cup of coffee so did Elizabeth. She is addicted to that. The visit of a dinner theater should always be on the program of visiting Newfoundland-Labrador. We had about 3 weeks for our second trip what I consider to be a minimum if you really want to get impression of the impressing landscape, its people and their still down to earth life style. I think after doing that you are more qualified to write or talk about this province than certain writers of newspapers. Writing faster than being able to think is not a proof of qualification!

Watch the following video: "Around the Circle Theater in Crow Head, Newfoundland "

Many thanks again to all the actors!

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