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Our visit of Churchill Falls and the power generating station Labrador - CF(L)Co
Newfoundland - Tourism, travel guide
The actual tour through the underground power plant

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The booked tour for the hydro power plant was scheduled for the evening on the next day. The tour was free and we were told that we will be picked up and returned. Lots of walking would be required. That scarred me because I did not want to cause any trouble or delays. We did not mind to stay for an additional day in Churchill Falls.
We took it easy that day by sleeping in, having breakfast and more sightseeing and taking pictures. This little place had even a clinic, a police station, a church, a library, a post office - everything what is needed - plus lots of nature.
We learned that several employees had cottages to enjoy it.
We were reading when we got a phone call that our tour guide had arrived to pick us and other visitors up.

Churchill Falls, Labrador
Not many visitors participated on the tour

Churchill Falls, Labrador
We have arrived

After I had climbed into the van I was asked whether I feel Ok and again the warning about lots of walking and no chance to sit down anywhere. I talked to Elizabeth and said I better wait for her in the plant and she should bring pictures of this tour back even when she does not understand all the technical details.
The tour guide proposed immediately to drive me back after the introduction session. I accepted that and Elizabeth was happy because she knew how painful long walking was for me.
During that presentation I learned many things about the history, but I do not want to include too much about that in my web site. You can get better information about that in Wikipedia. Just click at:

Only a few very brief information. In 1839 the first white man discovered these mighty falls. At this time the river was originally known as the "Grand River" and renamed to "Hamilton Rivers". The falls were a big obstacle for shipping.
Already in 1894 it was discussed to use the energy for to produce iron. However nothing happened.

Churchill Falls, Labrador
The introduction

Churchill Falls, Labrador
Sorry I had modified this schematic to German, but I believe you still can understand it.

Churchill Falls, Labrador
The small group fitted into the elevator which brought them down

Churchill Falls, Labrador
That would have been too much walking for me

Churchill Falls, Labrador
A historical picture
This picture was provided to me by the "Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation Limited"/ Many thanks.
Please use my above advise and read in the Wikipedia web site how finally an agreement could be achieved to start the planning for that challenging project. This happed after Joseph R. Smallwood, the prime minister of Newfoundland had seen the these falls the first time in 1949.
Don't forget there was nothing here when the actual construction started in 1967. Only wilderness. That was reel pioneer work! It was the largest construction site in North America and about 6000 workers ere involved. To accommodate those, transportation, the harsh climate were only a few of the challenges. Also do not forget the power transmission lines which are needed - it does not make sense to produce electrical power when it is not available where it is needed.
Other countries are learning that right now!
Elizabeth did a very good job not only in taking pictures but also in telling me certain details which she learned during this extensive tour. In addition she gave me many information which were given to her and which I used.

Churchill Falls, Labrador
I hope that they had ear plugs available for everybody

Churchill Falls, Labrador

Churchill Falls, Labrador
An oil tank

Elizabeth confirmed that it was the right decision that I did not join the tour and that she was impressed and liked to learn something new even when she could not understand every technical detail.
I would not understand everything about nursing either.

Churchill Falls, Labrador
After the tour Elizabeth took this picture

The next morning we proceeded with our trip to Goose Bay - Happy Valley. It was raining, but we wanted to see the spot where the water is discharged back into the Churchill River.
The road was so muddy that we did not fare to drive there. Even not with a 4 wheel drive. We had only normal tires and had already shredded one of those.
Please e-mail us images if you have more luck!

Churchill Falls, Labrador
We had to stop here!

Churchill Falls, Labrador
We were spotted by a security guard and he warned us too!

Labrador on the road

Please watch the following slide show to see what to expect in Newfoundland and Labrador

Labrador West (Labrador City & Wabush)

Journey to Newfoundland Labrador:

Watch the slide show: "National Park Gros Morne, Newfoundland,impressions"

Watch the slide show: "Whale watching and more in Newfoundland"

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Churchill Falls, Labrador
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