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Visit and explore Buckhorn and surroundings
Tourism Region: "Kawarthas Northumberland"
Canada, Ontario, Tourism, Travel Guide

Buckhorn in the Tourism Region: Kawarthas Northumberland

Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
We could only stay for one night in the "Westwind Inn" bleiben.

Once upon a time we made a feudal getaway in the vicinity of Buckhorn. We were indulged in the " West Wind Inn" . In the beginning we had fog and rain and then suddenly bright blue sky.
I did not have any problems walking or listening at that time and Elizabeth was healthy too. We were therefore quite active and enjoyed the good dinner therefore without bad feelings.
Buckhorn with about 250 inhabitants is not only known for the scenic attractions and the many leisure activities. It is also famous for art exhibitions that treat nature as the main theme.
Regrettably, this gallery should be closed, as holiday homes should be built on the same site. Luckily that was obviously averted.
It was recommended to paddle along the shore of the Buckhorn Lakes or even in the Mississauga River. Unfortunately, I did not do that because we could not stay longer.

Whetung, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
The "Whetung Ojibwa Centre" in the village "Curve Lake"

Whetung, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
A naive painting

If you want to learn more about the aborigines visit the " Whetung Ojibwa Center" in the immediate vicinity, in " Curve Lake" . Here's a good way to do it. Inquire about current details when you are here.
It is a reserve where the First Nation lives. Every year there is also a big Pow Wow. Also, ask yourself if there is a chance to take part in a " Drum Night" . That is certainly an experience. We did that several times in Fort Erie.
The souvenir shop and the gallery are run by Indians. Look around and ask.
We discovered the good and expensive things not right at the entrance. They were hidden between other things
From really comfortable moccasins, to masks, sculptures, pictures, to totem poles you will find almost everything here. There are even " American Indian comics" that remind me of Asterix and Obelix which was a famous French comic im Europe. I should have purchased one.

Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada, tourism, travel guide
The lock in Buckhorn - Photo by User: P199 at Wikimedia Commons

Trent-Severn Waterway Lock 31, Buckhorn, Buckhorn Lake

Drone Flight over Buckhorn Lake (@SixFootBayResort)

4 Day Canoe Trip To Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park

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Vacations in a cottage resort, Ontario, Tourismus, Reisef├╝hrer

Impressions from Northern Ontario, tourism, travel guide

"Pow Wow in Fort Erie, Ontario"

Crafts and art work of the native people from North America

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