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A visit to the Broom Point on the western coast of Newfoundland
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Bill explained the different types of lobster traps which are used. Most of them are still home built and made out of wood.
During a storm with heavy sea hundreds of them are often getting lost and most of the fishermen could not afford to purchase new ones.

A typical lobster trap

You see the visitors were interested

Bill could answer all questions and enjoyed doing that
Bill gave us many information about the life and work of the fishermen as well as about the life cycle of lobsters.
I never was thinking too much about all that and it is always nice to learn something new. At least for me.
During winter lobsters stay in deep water where the temperature drops to about °C (32°F) and stop almost all activities.
When in spring the temperature starts rising they crawl to more shallow water and become very active. They gain weight and are growing in size. They shed their skin.
Female lobsters become fertilized and even very old lobsters can still do that.
It takes about one year until the eggs are fully developed. If a female lobster carrying still eggs it must be returned to the sea. Some kind of reverse birth control!
When the eggs hatch not baby lobster appear - only small larvae which will floats on the surface and life from plankton for 3 to 6 weeks and different stages of larvae they finally start a life as lobsters.

Bill talking about boats

He told us that many fishermen still built boats like that by themselves. It takes about 4 weeks of work and they would fit much better to their individual requirements than the new boats using fibre glass. They are also much cheaper because local wood is being used.
The displayed boat was equipped with an "antique" engine which had brought proof of excellent reliability and moderate fuel consumption.
I cannot disagree after we experienced on out boat trip in Labrador to Battle Island a serious engine failure on open sea.
We spend some more time browsing through the exhibition.

More to see

More to see

Then we left the main building to see something from the little village.

The weather had started to change again!

Please watch the following slide show to see what to expect in Newfoundland and Labrador

Journey to Newfoundland Labrador:

Watch the slide show: "National Park Gros Morne, Newfoundland,impressions"

Labrador West (Labrador City & Wabush)

Watch the slide show: "Whale watching and more in Newfoundland"

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